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Do you work remotely, in an office, or hybrid? Try Focos, prepare for the future of work.

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Tired of managing dozens of browser tabs and applications?

Why search and switch between apps, log in and out of accounts?
There is a better way.

focos is a simple & beautiful solution for managing everything better

Use multiple accounts without the need to log in every time

Use multiple accounts and apps without logging in and out, and switching browser tabs. Multitask like a pro.

Lots of the apps you love in the focos store

We’ve curated the best apps for a variety of needs. You can also add your own custom URLs.

Custom URLs

Add your own URLs for apps you use regularly.

Top Apps For You

Access the best apps curated expertly to meet a diverse set of needs.

Don't be distracted while working

No more distractions, no more context switching. Create structured days and stay productive.

No more context switching

The half-moon is out. No more app notifications or bubbles to distract you.

Pause notifications

Turn on/off all distractions and notifications. Ensure seamless video calls.

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Keep all your work in one clean interface

Personalise accounts around how you work, no more random tabs and apps to distract you.

Personalised accounts

We custom provision accounts around how you work, your whole team, company or school. Select the apps you want and make a custom request.

Arranging apps

Arrange your apps as you wish, drag them up or down to suit you after account provisioning.

A personalised application around your team, company or school

Make sure everyone is communicating and collaborating effectively with necessary company or school mandated apps in one place.

Smart downloads

A centralised place to download, find and send files between different apps.

Less is more

focos is clean and minimal, easy on the eyes and mind. Work in a calm, distraction-free environment.

Fast and smooth

Multitask and jump between apps seamlessly, while using less system resources than your browser.


Don't just take our word for it.

“This product has been fantastic for the BP team's productivity, I highly recommend it to you.”

Lisa McCormick

“We want to help customers realise their investment in office 365...The best way to do this is with this product.”

Jon Barrow

“An incredible, time saving product, great for personal use and teams looking for better remote collaboration.”

Bill Jacobs

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