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Bring your sales team’s pipeline, sales leads and customer relationships into one distraction free place:

  • Engagement
  • Centralised communication & data
  • Focus
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Hit the ground running and get your sales reps onboarded quickly in one shot. Customise the platform the suit your needs and sales organisation profile.

A more focused sales team means 21% more time to close deals or manage pipeline per person per day – FOCOS

Centralised communication & data

All your customer communications and data together where your sales teams need them. Easily reference and share important customer data between teams. No more jumping around random desktop and cloud apps.

Sales workspaces that deliver results

The best sales tools curated in one workspace to empower sales teams to close deals, whilst providing KPI data to sales managers.


Keep your team engaged and productive, insights into which apps are being consumed and not by which team members. Whats trending in use, where are teams spending their time collaborating, communicating or doing something else.

Digital transformation of your sales teams

Sales has changed and is now more data-driven then ever before. A modern sales teams is a digital first sales team. FOCOS helps surface and bring together the latest and best sales tools for success.

159% increase in U.S. sales roles moving to remote working – Forbes

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