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Reduce your software spend

Reduce your software spend

We analyse app usage and trends so you can make savings:

  • Consumption
  • Trends
  • Resource planing
  • Savings
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Stop paying for licenses and software you are not using adequately or have stopped using. Identify and eliminate apps which are duplicates, superfluous or have become abandoned by your team.

By 2020, 85% of small businesses will invest in SaaS solutions – Gartner


Identify trends pertinent to your business to ensure you remain agile in adopting new tools that your team needs as well as those it has abandoned. Discover what your team’s actually use and how efficiently they work in order to maximise productivity and remain competitive.

Productivity and consumption insights

Understand productivity and consumption habits for better engagement, collaboration and productivity tips to help your business become more competitive.

Resource planning

When you can understand what is going on behind the scenes of your organisation with SaaS consumption and habits thereof, you can plan ahead, negotiate and make savings in your IT and HR budgets.

Influencing IT and HR budgets

IT: Identify where savings can be made.

HR: Increase team engagement, collaboration and efficiency by 21% per person per day to make the most of HR budgets.


Analysis of your team’s cloud software usage and ongoing trends, enables us to typically identify cost savings of 20% on average per year or 10% at the very least. Ensure you are prepared for a remote and cloud first working environment in your organisation and not loosing money due to being unprepared.

30% of SaaS goes underutilised every year by companies – Gartner.

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