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Customer help desks thrive inside FOCOS

Enable your agents to exceed by coordinating and simplifying how efficiently they work:

  • Simplified workspace
  • Multiple accounts access
  • Focused collaboration
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Simplified workspace

A minimal and clean workspace means that agents can see issues as they happen and resolve them more quickly and more consistently without getting distracted or jumping in and out of tabs and native apps. Just the apps they need to focus on.

Every 11 minutes we get interrupted on average, it takes 25 minutes for our brains to refocus – University of California

Multiple accounts access

Save your agents the time and hassle in jumping between multiple email accounts, logging in and out. Thats over a 120 unnecessary touch points saved a day per person.

Multiple messaging channels in one place

All your messaging channels in one place. See immediately who needs help and stay on top of responding to customers, less distractions and more focus.

Focused collaboration

When your whole customer support team are in the same workspace then everyone’s efficiency at collaborating just got better. Share data between apps and between teams members, effortlessly.

Onboard new agents effortlessly

Onboard new agents into one focused workspace, making induction and training simple. Ensure you can provide remote ready workspaces to attract, engage, and retain the best people.

Knowledge workers lose about 25% of their time dealing with the incessant stream of social data and interupptions – IORG

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