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Focos in a Nutshell

Helps Teams
Work Smart

Improves Engagement
and Collaboration

Gives Businesses
Full Control of their Data

What Do We Offer?

Focos is a work optimised platform for productivity and engagement in remote
and hybrid work environments.

Some of the main benefits it
offers include:

arrow-right Dedicated work environment

arrow-right Distraction free

arrow-right Usage analytics

arrow-right Data security

arrow-right Easy team coordination

arrow-right Integration of almost 1,000 SaaS apps

Why Do Businesses
and Individuals Use Focos?

Because it makes work easier, faster, and more efficient. It’s a single place where you’ll find all the apps you need to work, rather than the distractions of the browser. The tidy interface and easy app integration make switching between tasks, tabs, and apps a seamless experience. As soon as you launch it, everything you need is a click away.


Helps Teams
Work Smart

Improves Engagement
and Collaboration

Gives Businesses
Full Control of their Data

“An incredible, time saving product, great for personal use and teams looking for better remote collaboration.”

Bill Jacobs


When it comes to teams, it’s a one-click solution regardless of the number of team members. Set up all your employee’s virtual offices at once and ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the tools and communication channels your teams are using. Additionally, you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure – no danger of unauthorized access, data leaks, or harvesting. You are in full control.



Easy Onboarding

Efficient collaboration

Maximum security

“We want to help customers realise their investment in office 365... The best way to do this is with this product.”

Jon Barrow



Driving team efficiency, maintaining productivity, cutting down costs, and ensuring all goals are aligned with the company’s vision in a remote work environment is challenging to say the least. Focos provides the right solutions to help operations managers stay on top of their game.

Maintain Productivity and Collaboration

Provide team members with all the tools they need in a single place. The dedicated work environment is optimized for productivity and free of any kind of distractions. As soon as Focos is launched, the user is ready to get into work mode.

Gain access to valuable usage data that will help you make educated strategic and operational decisions.

Reducing Software Expenses

Focos’s SaaS consumption analysis allows managers to track which apps are used most and by which employees. A clear overview of usage trends and statistics will allow you to make data-driven decisions and save on costs. Leverage technology to increase your teams’ efficiency and productivity.

“This product has been fantastic for the BP team’s productivity, I highly recommend it to you.”

Lisa McCormick


Focos Benefits in Practice

Recruitment and Retention

Recent studies have shown that most employees in the workforce pool consider the option to work remotely a major benefit. Setting up an organized digital work environment with the right tools will go a long way in terms of attracting and retaining the most qualified staff.


Focos allows you to set up the virtual workspace of entire teams in a couple of clicks. Cut down on onboarding times and help your new recruits reach their peak efficiency as quickly as possible. With all the tools they need in one place, new employees will have a much easier time learning the ropes and adapting to their new environment.


Isolated and disconnected staff is the number one reason for a drop in employee engagement and productivity, especially in remote and hybrid work environments. Keep employees engaged and build a strong remote work culture within your organization. Offering employees a productivity-optimized platform to help them stay efficient and collaborate with their colleagues when working remotely is the first step towards this goal.

Why Partner with Focos as a Reseller?

Offer Your Customers More

Partnering with Focos allows you to offer your customers a more efficient way of using all their SaaS apps. Integrating your software with the Focos platform will help its users truly make the most of your app, as well as their working hours.

Whether your app is used by freelancers, employees, team leads, or managers, Focos can boost its:

Ease of Use

Integration Capabilities

User Experience

Sales Commissions

Earn revenue from referrals and sales. We offer our partners a flat 30% margin of all sales processed, including recurring revenues for up to 3 years.

Receive Full Support from Our Team

Our team will provide you with all the support you need to enjoy the full benefits of our partnership. As a Focos partner you will receive:

arrow-right Training and education for your team

arrow-right Ongoing support for all your sales efforts

arrow-right Additional custom-tailored support and benefits to help meet your particular needs

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