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9 HR Tools to Boost Your Efficiency

9 HR Tools to Boost Your Efficiency

HR Tools

Whether you’re introducing new employees or managing current ones, their performance affects your company’s overall efficiency. Apart from setting strategic goals and constructive communication, you can boost employee productivity through technology.

With thousands of apps, platforms, and software competing for your attention, it can be hard to decide which ones to use. That’s why we compiled a list of some of the best HR tools you can use to maximize the efficiency of your HR. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!


Energage is a Certified B Corporation. It helps companies measure, form, and display their culture to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Its unified SaaS platform, support, and professional services help you recruit and retain the right people for your company. 

With its ‘connect’ app, you can easily manage employees and help them understand the company’s cultural requirements. Also, it features dialogue, identification, and different adjustment tools. 

Moreover, Energage features a ‘coach’ app helping you align employees’ goals with the company’s needs through stimulative coaching dialogues. Further, Energage Survey aids users in understanding organizational culture and recognizing strengths and fields of advancement.


Certn provides domestic and international criminal backgrounds checks, reference checks, driving records, credit reports, education verification, and identity verification, to name a few, and does it fast. It integrates with major ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and is simple to use.

Certn’s background checks are easy, fast, and secure, allowing for an effortless process for both companies and applicants.

The process uses artificial intelligence to bring about exceptionally accurate results of the identity verification process. Direct connections with sources of criminal, education, employment, and credit history make Certn one of the fastest background check services in the world.


Bonusly is on a mission to help people connect with their work and each other in purposeful ways. With the use of its potent employee recognition, rewards, and survey platform, companies are more than likely to develop highly efficient and deeply engaged teams.

Bonusly allows each person in your company to recognize everyone by supplying small bonuses. And these can amount to significant rewards. Your employees will relish giving public and social recognition, letting them express their natures.


HireVue‘s virtual interviewing software provides a scalable and convenient process for recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants. It allows recruiters and hiring teams to assess recorded interviews. Also, it enables them to hire quality candidates faster by employing scientifically approved evaluations.

With HireVue, you can engage with applicants and drastically reduce bias in the selection process. That results in sustaining growth as it offers recruiters and hiring managers access to 1000+ job-specific interview guides reviewed by IO Psychologists.


Humanity is flexible cloud-based scheduling software that allows businesses to organize crew schedules efficiently. Apart from free time, presence, and leave management features, it offers reporting, training and more.

It makes employee scheduling and management simple resulting in spared time and expenses. Using Humanity can enable you to create crew schedules up to 80% faster.

Moreover, everyone in your business can download and use the app. However, what each employee can see depends on what company authorities permit.


isolved is an employee engagement software supplying intuitive HCM (Human Capital Management) technology. It allows your staff to share, perform, learn, and grow using engagement management tools. You can use isolved solutions daily to increase performance, boost productivity, and stimulate results while minimizing risk. 

isolved People Cloud HCM platform seamlessly connects and manages the staff journey across talent management, HR and payroll, engagement and workforce management purposes promoting collaboration and feedback.

Regardless of the industry, it can help companies hire and empower their workers by reconstructing employee experience for the better.


Kin is web-based software enabling you to manage HR for your business the easy way. Your entire team will likely enjoy using it. It helps you manage onboarding, employee information and files, and time off. Further, it aids you in handling employee performance reviews, objectives, and more.

That results in spared time, less paper, fewer emails, and satisfied people. And you can start using it immediately.

Kin is best for growing companies and small businesses. It helps CEOs and founders accomplish HR tasks without fuss, enabling them to concentrate on things that matter the most – people and work.


Actimo is a cloud-based software offering onboarding, employee training and development, and internal communication through its app for the remote workforce. Businesses can improve their employee productivity and engagement through Actimo’s intuitive employee platform. That, in turn, will boost their communication and e-learning.

Unlike traditional LMS (learning management system) onboarding software or complicated onboarding platforms, Actimo provides a simple mobile onboarding app integrated with corporate communications and precisely created for the requirements of remote workers.


BambooHR is an online HR system offering small and medium businesses HRIS (human resource information system). HRIS features ATS (applicant tracking system), time tracking, integrated payroll, performance management, time-off tracking, and workforce data analytics.

Using BambooHR, HR teams can advance the hiring process, onboard new employees, handle compensation, analyze employee information, and build company culture. Utilizing its integrated onboarding and ATS tools, you can streamline the entire recruiting process. 

With BambooHR, you report the easy way. Its mobile app is super convenient for employees. Moreover, it saves HR from the data management spiral, enabling it to be more effective.

Get the Best out of Your HR Tools

All of the mentioned HR tools can significantly boost your efficiency, but not all are the same. So, it might be a good idea to combine the ones that catch your eye and get the best of both (or more) worlds.

Focos enables you to have all HR and other work tools in a single distraction-free workspace. Forget about cumbersome context switching and handling numerous browser tabs.

Apart from allowing you to access all your SaaS apps easily, our unique platform enables you to monitor their utilization stats as well. Book a free demo and discover how Focos can help you get the best out of your Saas subscriptions.

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