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Successfully enable your remote and hybrid teams

Learn how HR teams use FOCOS for better:

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  • Automation
  • Onboarding
  • Engagement
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Attract, engage, and retain the right people in your organisation. Demonstrate your organisation is remote work ready and has the appropriate tools to suit a remote as well as an office based team.

44% more likely in attracting candidates if you are remote work ready – Gartner


Specify and set-up teams into existing digital workspaces or new ones. Bring aboard new team members in bulk, efficiently and effortlessly.

Personalise around specific teams

We custom provision accounts around how your teams work. Select the apps you want designated for a specific team profile.


Get new employees up and running immediately. New employees need not wonder which apps and tools to use. Induction trainers can facilitate much faster and simpler onboarding with FOCOS. In one go present your new employees with their key work apps, all in one place.

31% faster in reaching full employee productivity

Context shifting naturally adds more time to understanding new processes. Providing a lean and focused remote workspace can help in reducing the onboarding time required to ensuring employees can start actual work.


Ensuring employee engagement and building a successful remote work culture is paramount to any organisation today.

Ensure remote workers remain engaged to your business

Continue to build your company culture through remote collaboration and engagement.

Intranets and custom business apps

Keep remote workers updated and connected via corporate intranets and business apps that are front and center to their daily work lives.

35% increase in employee satisfaction thanks to remote working tools being implemented by employers – Forrester

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