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Finance & Operations

Reduce your software spend, whilst Improving team efficiency.

When you know what SaaS your consuming and what your team trends are you can drive cost and time efficiencies like never before:


  • SaaS consumption analysis
  • Operational excellence
  • Reduce your software spend
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SaaS consumption analysis

When you can see SaaS consumption across different apps and platforms, usage duplication and waste you can start to make data-driven cost saving decisions.

Annually $4k of SaaS per employee goes underutilised in a 200 person company – Gartner

Operational excellence

mprove efficiency, and give your team more time to focus on their goals. Get the data you need to see across your organisation and make better decisions

Digital transformation

If moving to the cloud and ensuring your team and organisation is remote ready is a priority, then FOCOS can grease the wheels to get you there. Whilst providing finance and operation business leaders with insight to remain in control and make influential decisions.

Reduce your software spend

When you can see trends that would otherwise be hidden in your orgnaisation, you can better budget for increased, new or underutilised SaaS consumption. Thereby enabling data-driven negotiation of future SaaS contracts.

Understanding your team’s habits and trends

Helping companies reduce their software spend by 20% a year or 10% at the very least is possible when you understand what is not being consumed because of certain habits and trends.

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30% of all software spend in all companies goes underutilised every year – Gartner

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