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6 Reasons to Ditch Web Browsers

6 Reasons to Ditch Web Browsers Hand Clicking on Searching Browser Web browsers, despite all their uses, are also gateways to all the content the internet has to offer. While that’s all well and good in your spare time, it can be extraordinarily distracting when you want to get some work done. For all their utility, browsers are quite unfriendly to people hoping to do something productive for the day. With the emergence of remote and hybrid work models, it’s safe to assume that there will be more people using the internet for work, not less. For the sake of productivity, all those people will need a better alternative to web browsers for a multitude of reasons.

1. They Reduce Performance

Despite decades of development, improvement, and vocal feedback from the users, web browsers are still a massive waste of the computer’s processing power. As your work requires you to open more and more tabs (and windows), the performance only gets progressively worse. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself staring at the screen, wondering why your computer had to freeze up and lock you out of your work. As you begin to click frantically, furious that this is happening to you right now, you only make the problem worse. Now, none of the apps are responding. Sound familiar? A short trip to the task manager reveals that your web browser decided to act up and eat all the processing power and RAM. There isn’t a single person that’s never had this happen to them. While web browser developers would have you believe it’s due to your outdated rig, in reality, the way in which browsers are built allows them to use up all available resources. You, who are simply trying to get some work done, are left with more frustration and less time to actually complete your tasks.

2. Accessing Multiple Accounts Is Always an Issue

If you ever had to access different accounts of the same service, you know what a pain it is to be constantly switching from one or the other. Constant logins and logouts are a waste of time, but incognito modes are even worse of a solution. The online support boards are littered with people struggling with login issues on a daily basis. The helpful moderators tend to suggest clearing your cache and deleting cookies. Suffice it to say that such blanket solutions rarely do anything for the workers who are struggling with browsers’ limitations.

3. Constant Distractions

Ads, notifications, funny cat videos, mentions, shares, one-time offers, memes — as soon as you launch your first browser session, you’re bombarded by content vying for your attention. It can get out of hand fast. On the internet, you’re always one click away from losing all focus you’ve worked so hard on mustering. Procrastination is always around the corner, ready to rear its ugly head and take you down a path you won’t be able to return from. Even when your concentration is on point and you have all the willingness in the world to do some actual work, notifications can quickly take you out of it. Web browsers solve none of the above. On the contrary, their revenue depends on you consuming as much content as you humanely can. They rely on you responding to every sound and every flash of light. Then they serve you with extensions as a way to fix the problems they themselves cause, but it’s just another way for you to use more content. It’s completely reasonable to assume that for most people, the web browser experience is entirely overwhelming and unproductive. You need access to every SaaS you’re using, only without the annoying middleman.

4. Browsers Are an Organizational Nightmare

Any serious work will require you to open too many tabs to count. Managing all the tabs and on-demand software you need is an organizational nightmare. Different browsers are trying to solve this issue in a variety of ways. So far, none have managed to become intuitive and streamlined enough to be anything more than an absolute waste of time. Just as browsers are reducing your computer’s performance, so are tabs reducing yours.

5. They Pose a Security Risk

It’s no secret that browsers collect user data for various purposes. While some of them are legitimate and aimed at providing a better user experience, quite a few questions have been raised in recent times when it comes to the extent to which user data is harvested. What this means for your business is that each employee who uses a browser to access online files and digital tools is a potential liability in terms of sensitive data protection. Apart from raising privacy concerns among their users (especially those who use them for work), Internet browsers can also pose a security threat and expose companies to the risk of cybercrime. This, of course, doesn’t mean that browsers are inherently dangerous to use for work purposes. However, some of their features can potentially be exploited. These “weaknesses” truly become a security threat when combined with irresponsible online behavior (which is difficult if not impossible to control) on the part of employees. The consequences of this combination can indeed prove to be dire.

6. There Is an Alternative

All of the points we’ve made so far would be moot if there were no alternatives to the web browser experience. If there was nothing you could do about it, everything we’ve mentioned up to now would be a list of general complaints about the shortcomings of web browsers. However, there is a practical alternative that takes all of the issues above and solves them in a simple and elegant manner. Focos.io offers a dedicated workspace optimized for productivity and security in remote work environments. It’s a way for you to shut out all the noise, the cacophony of web browsers, and focus on your work while eliminating distractions. You get all the functionality of the web browsers packaged into a more controlled and practical environment. If there’s one reason to ditch web browsers, it’s because there is a better alternative.

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