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What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is an easy-to-use marketing automation tool that any size company can use. You can automate marketing workflows that no one has time for, such as creating a welcome series, segmenting your contacts, personalizing your messaging, and segmenting your contacts. Over 500 pre-built automation, a large library of email templates, and a good way to keep track of your contacts. Businesses can use ActiveCampaign to make meaningful connections via social media, email, messaging, chat, and text messaging. As many as three hundred and thirty-eight different integrations, The cost of a month starts at $15. Automate revenue-generating activities, generate new business, and build brand loyalty. You can get all of the marketing tools you’ll need to expand your e-commerce business. Create better communications based on previous browsing and shopping habits. Treat everyone in your database as if they had their marketer. ActiveCampaign has you covered whether you’re selling goods or services in your online store, on a marketplace platform, or a combination of both. Drive brand loyalty by going beyond the initial sale. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have the tools you need to turn one-time customers into brand loyalists throughout the entire customer journey. Ensure a seamless and connected experience across all channels, including email, text, messaging, chat, and social media. Automate your sales process so that your sales team can concentrate on the most important deals in their pipeline.

Automatically track new customers and order fulfillment, keep customer data records consistent, and ensure that your sales teams have more information to drive 1:1 follow-up communications. Manage the marketing for which no one else has time and automatically target the right prospects. You can track any opportunities for follow-up, promotions, and proper order updates by using targeted, triggered emails to create an automated, timely follow-up, promote new offers, and stay engaged and connected to your Connect email, live chat, and text interactions. Make a single landing page for leads instead of sending them to your website and hoping they’ll find what they’re looking for. Then capture leads, qualify them, and assign a team member to follow up using forms, chatbots, and automation. To get the right content in front of the right people, use powerful segmentation and personalization. Use the right lead magnets to grow your email list and increase attendance at your digital events. Forms. Messages on the site Talking on the internet, for instance, Depending on whether your customers are pre-, mid-, or post-purchase, use different tools to engage them. Your customers will have a seamless experience throughout the customer journey because their data will be kept in one place. Use web chat to speak directly with your page visitors when ready to buy your video courses and ebooks. Provide your customers with the connected experiences they want, as well as the answers to questions that lead to a purchase. It’s not always possible to speak to everyone at the same time. Send out one-time email blasts to everyone on your mailing list. Use the purchase to send out emails. Visits to a particular location, for example. Or a commitment: Send emails when your contacts are most interested in receiving them. Make sure the right person gets the right message. Almost any factor can be used to divide your audience into groups. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send out automated welcome emails, start a welcome series, or send out lead magnets. With email, you can increase your sales by a significant amount of money. Set up an email automation system that converts your leads into paying customers. Emails should be scheduled for a specific time and date. Ideal for sales teams, events, holidays, and birthdays. You can send exactly what your contacts want to see if you segment them. You can deliver personalized follow-ups with dynamic email content A/B test flows and improve the effectiveness of your drip campaigns if you automate your segments. In a single view, you can see all of your automation. You can quickly check performance reports and make adjustments without worrying about things going wrong if you have a bird’s-eye view of your marketing automation platform. Every channel in your customer’s life cycle is linked together.

Tasks don’t pile up on your desk if you have a sales CRM that automates them. So you have more time to sell, automate lead prioritization, and contact management. Routine, manual tasks can eat up a lot of your time. Other times contacts slip out of your funnel. When you can automate contact management, score leads, track deals and pipelines, and track tasks, the time sinks vanish. Your entire sales process will run smoothly with the help of a sales automation CRM. Manage your contacts in a central platform rather than chasing down phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or past activity. The contact record automatically updates contact information and views a lead’s history. Alternatively, take a look at your entire sales pipeline. You can see your entire sales process at a glance with automated contact management. Your sales team is always on the same page to automate task assignment and sales routing. You can monitor your customers’ interactions at every stage of the sales process and pick up where they left off. Which leads are the most important? Who has the best chance of becoming a customer? When should qualified information from marketing become a qualified lead from sales? Let lead scoring, win probability, and automated segmentation tell you when it’s time to call and send out outreach emails, rather than guessing how good a lead is. Forget about switching tabs. Create deals directly from your Gmail account with the Chrome extension, which allows you to manage contacts from any web page. Please keep track of your email opens and replies, as well as your contact information in case you need it. Unify your CRM and break down the silos between sales and marketing. As a result of sales engagement automation, your CRM receives the most up-to-date customer information, allowing sales teams to concentrate on the most qualified leads and high-value customer conversations.

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