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Adapting to Remote Work Solutions and Reshaping Work Environments

Virtualisation and hybrid working have become game-changing solutions in today’s dynamic workplace, revolutionising our approaches to work-life balance, productivity, and teamwork. Imagine having the flexibility to work from any location, combining the cosiness of home with the productivity of a well-appointed workplace. That’s an efficient remote work solution for your business, isn’t it?

The key question is how well these models meet the demands of contemporary workforces. We attempted to answer these questions through our survey, which examined the need for a hybrid work office, recognising work collaboration and personalising office virtualisations. These essential components serve as the foundation for productive hybrid work environments.

By presenting this data, we hope to guide the way towards improving and utilising the potential of these models to create an environment that is not just productive but also supportive of individual development and group achievement.

Let’s break down the survey results:

  1. Percentage of Customers Seeking Hybrid Office

a) Less than 15%: Not a significant demand for hybrid office setups.

b) 16—30%: A moderate but not overwhelming interest in hybrid offices.

c) 30-50%: A substantial portion of customers express interest in hybrid setups.

d) 51-70%: A majority showing a preference for hybrid working.

e) 71%: A considerable majority lean heavily towards hybrid offices.

The results indicate a range of responses, suggesting a notable interest in hybrid setups, especially within the 30-70% range.

  1. Enabling Collaboration without Interruption

d) Game-changer: Indicates a significant benefit for customers, reflecting a 60% agreement.

e) Not applicable: A smaller proportion (13.3%) finds this question irrelevant.

b) Quite important: Another 13.3% acknowledge this capability’s significance.

c) Very important: A minority of 6.7% considers it highly crucial.

a) Not important: A similar minority considers it less essential.

Most respondents perceive enabling collaboration without interruptions as a game-changer or important, indicating a strong demand for such functionalities.

  1. Personalising Office Visualisations for Hybrid Officers

c) Essential for adoption: 40% consider personalisation crucial for hybrid office acceptance.

b) Nice to have controls: 33.3% acknowledge the importance of user controls.

d) Not applicable: 13.3% find this question not applicable.

a) Not essential: Another 13.3% consider personalisation less crucial.

The results here also showcase a significant interest in personalising office visualisations, with a considerable portion acknowledging its importance for adoption.

There’s a clear trend towards hybrid working in the responses, with a significant portion of customers expressing interest in this model. Additionally, enabling seamless collaboration and personalising office visualisations appear to be critical factors for enhancing the effectiveness and acceptance of hybrid office setups among customers.

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  • Customised Virtual Environments: Tailor your virtual workspace to suit your needs. Create personalised environments that mimic an office setup, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration among team members, regardless of their physical location.
  • Security and Reliability: Your data’s safety is our priority. With robust encryption and secure protocols, rest assured that your information is protected at every step. Our reliable infrastructure ensures minimal downtime, keeping your work uninterrupted.
  • Empowering Remote Teams: Nurture a thriving remote work culture. Our software facilitates a cohesive team environment, providing tools for team recognition, feedback mechanisms, and virtual team-building activities.

In today’s dynamic work landscape, adaptability and efficiency are paramount. FOCOS HOV not only keeps you connected but empowers your team to thrive in the digital era. Make the change today and move towards a more productive, agile, and connected workspace. We are actively seeking companies to work with us in testing our products. Please contact us at

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