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What is Agency Analytics?

The Social Marketing Software AgencyAnalytics is a time-saving tool for social media marketers. It allows you to give your clients their logins to see how your marketing campaign is going. It comes with SEO features such as rank tracking, backlinks, and audits. Over 50 services, including Google Analytics, Call Tracking Metrics, Shopify, Amazon Ads, Backlink Monitor, and more, are integrated with AgencyAnalytics. Putting your reporting on autopilot means you can create and schedule automated marketing reports that your clients will enjoy reading without any effort on your part. You can take your agency to the next level by streamlining your client reporting. With a simple report scheduling and approval process, you can create a report once and then automate the entire process. No more switching between platforms; automatically include data from over 60 marketing integrations.

You can create reports in any way you want using the drag-and-drop report builder. Made fully customized notifications with your company’s logo and colors and hosted them on your server. Schedule reports being sent out daily, weekly, or monthly to automate client reporting. With dozens of pre-built report and dashboard templates and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder, you can start automating your client reporting in minutes. You’ll have everything you need to save time and streamline your agency, including SEO, PPC, social media, and more. You can send client reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by scheduling them. So you can add your commentary and ensure there are no surprises, get notified, and approve each report before it goes out. In just a few clicks, you can link all of your clients’ marketing channels together. You can stop wasting time bringing all of your clients’ data under one roof with access to more than 60 integrations and robust reporting capabilities. Add your commentary to each report to give each client a unique experience. Write an executive summary, make recommendations, or tell a story with the data. You can streamline your reporting while providing personalized insights and advice with a simple report approval process. You can combine all of your client’s information into a single client report to give you a complete picture of your agency’s work if they have multiple websites or locations. You can also keep your team up to date on all of your clients with cross-campaign reporting. To ensure you’re meeting all of your objectives, create a weekly internal report covering each client’s key metrics. Goals are applied to any metric to introduce clients to their progress toward their performance targets. They’re designed to help you communicate success at a glance. The visual progress bar in the Goals widget lets you see how your marketing efforts are performing about key marketing goals. Keep your team on track by breaking down your monthly performance targets into everyday action items with Goals. Set up an auto-responder for client reports, or send them out at any time via email. You can also send information from any dashboard to your clients or team right away to let them know what’s going on. To avoid any surprises, approve automated reports before sending them to keep control. With an easy-to-use, automated client reporting platform designed specifically for marketing agencies, you can spend less time manually updating spreadsheets. It doesn’t have to take a long time to create custom marketing reports. With dozens of templates and a drag-and-drop report builder, you can automate your client reporting in minutes.

It used to be a pain to switch between platforms. You have access to all the data you need to help clients succeed with over 60 marketing integrations. You have access to all of your clients’ data in a single, easy-to-use interface, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, and Call Tracking. We, as well as marketing, move quickly. We’ll keep you updated with all of your data in one place, with new integrations released every month. With dozens of pre-built report templates and dashboards, you can quickly integrate all of your client’s marketing data. It is something that we are aware of as well. You enjoy creating your client reports. You have everything you need to call the platform your own, including a full suite of customizable widgets, a drag-and-drop report builder, and white label capabilities. There are no two clients the same. Create custom metrics, add comments, and provide unique insights for each campaign by telling stories with your data. You can give your clients the personalized service they deserve by using AgencyAnalytics. With fully white-labeled dashboards and reports, you can take full control of your agency’s branding. Make each client’s dashboard and automated reports as unique as possible. Please make your own by adding your logo and colors, sending messages from your email address, and even hosting it on your server. You have everything you need with AgencyAnalytics to make the platform your own. Monitor backlinks, perform a site audit and keep track of keyword rankings. Our SEO tools can help you attract new clients and improve your existing search engine rankings. Create a separate SEO report for each of your clients and schedule it to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. Under one roof, you’ll have access to everything you’ll need to expand your agency. Give each of your clients their login to a marketing dashboard that they can access at any time in real-time. Thanks to granular user permissions, you have complete control over what each client can see. By streamlining your staff’s workflows, you can save time and expand your agency.

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