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What is Agile?

Agile CRM is a cloud-based all-in-one platform that allows businesses to manage all activities and tasks throughout the customer lifecycle. It includes features like contact management, a deal pipeline, lead scoring, project management, email marketing and campaigns, service automation, and live chat, as well as integrated modules for marketing, sales, and service. Agile CRM is a unified platform with features like sales tracking, contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, two-way emails, telephony, and a helpdesk that aids sales, marketing, and service efforts. Even though it’s challenging to set up at first, more modern email templates, some reviews indicated the need for a cleaner UI. It provides excellent automation and is simple to use. However, it does increase efficiency through customizations and integrations and provide helpful support channels. The software is somewhat overpriced for the features it offers, but it performs admirably. It’s best for small and medium businesses to organize and automate their workflows to avoid manual labor.

With a drag-and-drop designer, it’s simple to create drip campaign workflows: Autoresponders, email scheduling, and social media automation all help to boost efficiency. Easy-to-use tools make creating emails, conducting outreach, and tracking results easier. Boost your promotion and brand awareness efforts by using various methods to reach out to your audience on their preferred platforms, such as social media, email, and SMS. Contact Management aids in the creation of data-rich profiles, the sharing of information across teams, the tracking of interactions via timelines, and the maintenance of data integrity throughout the customer lifecycle. Bulk actions, contact import, custom fields, tags, and advanced filters are just a few available features. Provides complete control over each deal’s information and simplifies work with automated triggers for various actions and tasks. Based on current values in the pipeline, analytics can forecast future sales. Personalized dashlets, filters, and multiple data views provide additional real-time insights. Various channels are available to support multiple workflow requirements. Custom milestones and a drag-and-drop interface are included. Telephony can handle both inbound and outbound calls. All had call automation and recording, logs, notes, enhanced caller ID, and performance reports. Add notes, prioritize tasks, and share a link via the calendar. Utilizes native templates or uploaded documents to make contract and proposal management easier. E-signature technology speeds up the process, and comment tracking keeps track of all interactions. By eliminating manual tasks, agents can deliver more personalized interactions and achieve greater consistency. Status updates, assigned priorities, ticket routing, and SLA-related alerts are all workflow automation examples. Embeds chat windows on a website to make it easier for visitors to engage. When agents are offline, it notifies them of new chats. It allows them to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, which reduces response time. Necessary service data is easily accessible thanks to a configurable dashboard. Visual elements make data easy to interpret for efficient tracking of team performance and metrics. Customers can raise tickets and track their progress, making support more efficient. Keys can be created by emailing or calling customer service, and the system will collect all relevant information.

Self-service options are available, reducing the workload of service agents. Customers can find content using categories, keyword searches, and ratings. Custom domains make it possible to integrate a website for a more seamless experience. SLAs help the service department and customers define expectations and clear commitments. KPIs are measured, problem areas are identified, and team and individual performance are tracked.

With a free version, you can take advantage of basic CRM features. It includes 1,000 contacts, custom deal tracks and data fields, email campaigns and templates, appointments, leading scoring, and more. It supports up to 10 users. Send and receive emails, search for past emails in the original app, and track metrics with email integration, making inboxes fully accessible within Agile CRM. Examine how the company is doing in terms of key metrics. Learn the origin of website visitors, track contact behaviors, get an overview of the sales to funnel, measure growth over time, and more by drilling down to page visits and duration. Controlling data analysis is made easier with report customizations and delivery schedules. Individual hosting on Google’s cloud infrastructure ensures data privacy by providing a single database for each client rather than hosting all client data on a single database. With automated lead scoring, you can quickly identify and prioritize the deals that are most likely to close, resulting in a higher ROI. With gamification, you can ensure team motivation and performance. Customizable leaderboards encourage competition, while collaborative tools help teams work together more effectively. Reports and real-time alerts help you keep track of your routine. Using A/B testing, you can see what email content works and doesn’t. Utilize industry insights in campaigns by using social listening, which tracks relevant industry trends and topics and monitors influencer conversations.

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