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Airtable vs Monday

Airtable vs Monday

Airtable vs Monday

Airtable is a software development company based in San Francisco, founded in 2012. It is a cloud collaboration service, which utilizes a spreadsheet type of layout, but with the common features of a database. Users can create a database, set up any desired tables and reference file attachments.

Airtable defines itself as “part spreadsheet, part database”. Its intended use is to help teams collaborate quickly and efficiently, aid in project management, and assist people in being creative while doing their work.

Monday was initially an internal tool used by the Israeli company By February of 2012 it had become its own company, headed by former Wix employee Roy Mann. In 2020, it won the Webby Award for Productivity.

Monday is a web and mobile app project management tool. It allows its users to collaborate on projects, set deadlines, follow the progress of projects, and more. The Monday platform has the ability of integration with more than 50 other work apps.

General features of Airtable and Monday

The services offered are similar and the differences nuanced, but the small contrasts may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are the owner of a video production company or a similar entity, you may opt for Airtable. Its planning tools and integrations are tailored for projects involving social media planning. Their Block feature can help you with webpage design and organization charts.

Monday is a general project management tool that can be used effectively in any industry. Its open API allows for high customization, helping you with any project you are working on. Its automation feature allows you to save time and focus on more important tasks. It has an intuitive interface, and with a little effort you will be able to unlock all of the advanced features.


Both Airtable and Monday are collaboration software, and, as such, provide you with the ability of creating a joint workspace. The names are different, but the principle is the same – a person needs to create a workspace (called Base in Airtable) and invite the people they wish to collaborate with. There are multiple permission levels which can be assigned to the users, each one providing different privileges



Airtable supports integrations for most of the major collaboration platforms and communication apps, such as Slack, Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook and Twitter.

Monday has an open API system; if you have the skills, you can integrate it with any third-party app. For ease-of-use, it also has premade integrations for the major collaboration apps such as Slack, Google Drive, Asana, and more.


OS and Payment plans

Both Monday and Airtable can be used on most OS, supporting Windows, IPhone, Mac and Android, with the exception being that Airtable can be used on Linux, while Monday cannot.

Neither Airtable, nor Monday are free-to-use long-term. Guests can view the materials, but cannot directly interact with the content. The companies offer different payment plans.

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