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What is Anodot?

Anodot is a business intelligence solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help organizations monitor data processes and detect anomalies. Through root cause analysis, it assists professionals in collecting data from multiple sources, tracking all business activities, and identifying abnormal behavior patterns. Correlation analysis, data mining, performance metrics, data visualization, and forecasting are all features of Anodot. It has a drag-and-drop feature that allows users to select key business indicators and use predictive analytics to forecast demand or growth. Furthermore, businesses can detect product parameters in real-time and alert teams about abnormalities, ensuring quick resolution. An application programming interface (API) is included with Anodot, allowing businesses to integrate the system with a variety of third-party systems such as Slack, Jira, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Oracle, and others. Pricing is available upon request, and customer service is available via phone, email, and other online methods.

Anodot is a powerful real-time analytic software that detects abnormal data patterns automatically. The platform uses patented machine learning algorithms to crunch time series data. It automatically identifies and evaluates issues before assigning a significance score based on the data’s importance. Before auto-tuning, as it goes, the program adeptly selects the most appropriate advanced algorithms for the uncovered data pattern. Anodot correlates and groups anomalies intelligently to reveal their full significance. By design, the multiple anomalies are grouped and connected to provide valuable insights while avoiding alert storms. The software adapts to your data and does not require any manual configuration to correlate or group anomalies. This platform comes with several built-in alerting tools that send anomalies to your preferred app. Anodot automatically groups the alerts to deliver them in a unified format, allowing you to devise a comprehensive solution to the problem quickly. When you click the “investigate” button, you are taken to a secure interface where you can look into the anomalies further. The program provides a reliable set of options for viewing metrics in an infinite number of ways. It has a simple feature tree for creating and saving composite metrics guided by wizards. It’s also simple to create charts in lines, areas, columns, and splines. Beautiful visualizations are provided by the software, making it simple to conduct further investigations. The Business Impact Alert feature enables businesses to prioritize alerts based on the impact of incidents on their operations. Companies can assign a monetary value to each metric they monitor when setting up a signal. Subsequent signs will show how much the anomaly costs. It enables the business owner to quickly calculate the cost of an incident and determine the most appropriate time to address it. Minor incidents can be dealt with when the team has free time, whereas major ones must be dealt with immediately. Prioritization based on business value allows businesses to concentrate on what matters.

Recurring events like Black Friday or religious holidays like Christmas, Passover, or Ramadan have predictable effects on business, but the dates vary year to year. Businesses’ business monitoring tools generate false positive alerts when they don’t have the opportunity to put these events in historical context, wasting resources and disappointing customers. Anodot knows the behavior of the metrics around previous occurrences of the event and updates the baseline for the upcoming event, taking previous influences into account. The algorithm will figure out which behaviors are repeated. Following that, businesses will only receive alerts for anomalies unrelated to the seasonal event. The Business Impact Alerts and the Influencing Events feature only notifies customers about issues that directly impact their business, saving time and resources that are spent investigating problems that don’t need to be fixed. These tools are easy to use by business owners, allowing them to create metrics specific to their industry, reducing the number of unnecessary alerts

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