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What is Asana?

Tools for managing various shapes and sizes projects, which were once only available to major organizations with large budgets and specialized people, are now generally available. It’s now feasible to discover cloud-based project management tools developed with you in mind, whether you’re an individual or small business wanting to keep track of a few projects, a multibillion-dollar corporation with a project portfolio to match, or everything in between

For ease of use, simplicity, and a Kanban-style user interface, Asana clearly beats rival project management tools. It’s jam-packed with functionality and getting started and onboarding your team only takes a few minutes.

 Asana has the best free plan. The free plans of most other PM software are so limited that they’re unusable for small firms. On the other hand, Asana isn’t stingy with its free plan, which includes unlimited teams, projects, communications, activity logs, file storage, different project views, and more. You can stay on the free plan indefinitely if you have fewer than 15 users and just handle basic projects. Users may view and manage projects and tasks in a variety of ways with Asana, including Kanban boards, lists, calendars, portfolios, workloads, and timelines. Other project management solutions on the market only provide one or two views, so it’s fantastic to see that Asana offers all of your options. Each team member may handle responsibilities most efficiently, allowing them to be as productive as possible. Switching between views also gives project managers a big-picture view of the project’s status. You may also develop configurable real-time project dashboards.

Asana makes it simple to automate procedures, repetitive tasks, and workflows that span many business applications. With Asana’s graphical workflow builder, creating custom rules, triggers, and actions is easier than ever. You may use it to create simple workflows that span dozens of people, tools, and tasks. Additionally, Asana is one of the few tools that can serve as a single source of truth for file sharing, including PDFs, JPGs, Google Docs, and team and group communication. Users can assign tasks to team members, create task dependencies, give priorities, set due dates, amend due dates, and talk from a single card, so everything is centered in one location. Without emailing back and forth, teams can plan around each other’s schedules and stay up to date on any new adjustments or developments with calendar view. Asana is also used to manage all project conversations and to-do lists.

If you believe in agile project management, you’ll be happy to know that Asana is adaptable enough to accommodate it. You receive everything you need to match how you operate rather than the other way around, including sprint planning, issue tracking, product launches, work requests, roadmaps, feedback, and task iteration monitoring. Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier, Tableau, Zoom, and Salesforce are just a few of the significant third-party programs that Asana interacts with. These connections can significantly enhance Asana’s capabilities. Asana is a project management software that can be customized to fit a variety of management techniques, business sizes, and industries. It’s also a good fit for marketing, sales, product development, operations, human resources, IT, finance, and other departments.

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