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What is Atomic Reach?

Atomic Reach is the world’s leading AI-powered content refinement and optimization platform. By rewriting your content in the style and tone your audience prefers, Atomic AI increases traffic, customer engagement, and conversions. The more personalized your message is, the more effective it will be. Profiles examine your content and quickly reveal which writing style is most effective for your target audience. Atomic AI rewrites difficult-to-read sentences and replaces jargon with words that your audience will understand. It’s aggravating when you create excellent marketing content, but it falls short of expectations. You produce better content, save time, and deliver incredible results when you have Atomic Reach’s actionable insights on your side. Using Content Intelligence, create personalized marketing communications that generate more leads and customer loyalty. Schedule a call today to get started with a free Content Audit.

Atomic Reach is a content conversion platform that uses content scorecarding, conversion optimization, business intelligence, and other tools to help businesses convert their content into sales. It provides marketing and advertising agencies with plans to help them create and distribute high-quality content. The Atomic Reach platform includes tools centered on 21 metrics that analyze and provide feedback on users’ content. That feedback is both diagnostic and prescriptive, but Atomic Reach does not influence the creative process, instead of bringing science to the table when creating engaging content. The platform is a data analytics dashboard as well as a CMS plugin. The platform assists businesses in creating exciting, audience-focused content through a series of diagnostic and prescriptive measures. Atomic Reach isn’t an SEO platform; instead, optimizing content for real people leads to more repeat customers, evangelism, and, ultimately, higher ROI. Creating high-quality, audience-centric content increases brand or publication engagement. Atomic Reach has a pre-publishing tool that allows users to fine-tune their content before publishing it. Atomic AI analyzes your content and data in HubSpot to give you recommendations on how to write blog posts, emails, ads, landing pages, and product descriptions that are easy to read and emotional to your customers. Atomic AI creates content profiles based on your existing customer segments and personas, including each segment’s preferred reading level and vibrant tone. The platform highlights and optimizes the central words in your copy with a single click, using word choices that provide the best readability and expressive style for your content. Pushing optimized content back to HubSpot for publishing is simple and easy with direct integration.

Atomic Reach’s actionable insights help you produce better content faster and with better results. You can also create custom marketing conversations that determine additional leads and customer loyalty using Content Intelligence. It all begins with a free Content Audit, or schedule a call with us right now. The platform optimizes content for each customer section or personality with a single button click, thanks to the influence of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Atomic AI takes away the guesswork and adapts your content to the preferences of your target audience. With a single click, you can optimize your content. Rewrite the content in a conversational tone and pitch. Give explanations for why your content works. Your content will be better if your message is more unusual. Profiles analyze your content and quickly show you the best writing style for your target audience. Our AI engine corrects your grammar and spelling and suggests ways to improve your content for your intended audience. Dashboards give you access to a wealth of helpful information—track and measure how Atomic AI improves your content’s performance.

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