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What is Atomist?

Engineers can automate all of their software processes with Atomist, which helps them do so. There are dozens of pre-built automation tools called Skills that can automate anything from an issue to a commitment to production deployment. Skills, which a domain expert provides, help streamline workflows and reduce the amount of time spent on them. Introducing our new automation platform, which offers pre-built skills that can be used to automate tasks. Create your skill to solve your unique requirements or automate all of your repetitive and nuanced tasks such as replacing strings in projects, updating npm dependencies, running a code quality scan, and so on. Teams that use Atomist can use skills, which are pre-built automation, to automate all of their repositories, development activities, and operations events. An important event-based action for your team, such as a commit, build, deployment, or the creation of a skill, triggers the execution of that skill.

The Development Automation Platform from Atomist enables software development and delivery to be automated based on events. Although automation is common in other areas of IT, it has been difficult for developers to automate many of the more difficult and time-consuming aspects of delivering great software. Developers can focus on what adds value: creating new projects, shipping features, and continuously improving existing code by reducing the amount of work they have to do. Instead of relying on systems designed for others, developers now have their automation platform with Atomist. The unique technology used by Atomist recognizes the structure and context of a team’s software development projects and processes. To parse and contextualize code, Atomist employs both traditional and new technologies, such as parser generators and microgrammes. A graph database correlates event streams from various stages of development. It represents them as a model of code, people, and process. Atomist relies on this unique model to automate difficult tasks requiring a thorough understanding of a team’s code and processes. By automating the creation of Git repositories that are ready to use with no manual steps, Atomist makes it simple to start new projects. To convert a source project into a new one, Atomist uses transforms to remove difficult-to-maintain templates. So that developers can be productive right away, Atomist also configures existing systems for continuous integration and issue tracking and creates chat channels for project notifications and actions. Developers gain control and visibility over the entire delivery process by using Atomists’ insight into their environment. The right information and context are delivered to the right people, allowing them to take immediate action, such as pressing a button in Slack to initiate a release. Atomist waiting for code reviews and approvals reduces the time teams spend checking build status and waiting for pending releases that are ready to go by tracking and alerting on critical stages of the development process. Teams can use Atomist to ship more quickly.

Developers can automate the software development process thanks to Atomist’s knowledge of code and the context in which it’s being developed. It is easy to do because Atomist creates the necessary code changes on a new branch and sends out pull requests to each project that needs to be updated, whether it’s one hundred or one hundred projects. With native Slack integration for commands and notifications, Atomist is your developer tools’ automation API and programming model. Atomists’ built-in automation can be customized by changing how events are handled, formatting notifications, or creating entirely new automation to capture their unique development flow. Atomist’s event-driven model, unlike static workflows, allows teams to develop and evolve flexible development flows based on events. It’s simple to get started developing automation with an open-source client, command-line interface, and GraphQL API, then run and deploy them in the cloud or locally. The software API is Atomist. You don’t have to maintain templates because Atomists can turn any project into a software factory. Point Atomist at a running project, and it will create a new one for you to work on. Atomist can automatically merge and notify those who need to know about each project stage because it understands the entire lifecycle. Because you didn’t think it was ready, never miss a chance to ship a new code. Make changes in one place and have them applied to all of your projects simultaneously. When you upgrade to a new library, Atomist will use the new library wherever it is needed. Make sure that every vulnerable project has the same security flaws fixed. The tedium of continuous improvement is taken away by Atomist. You’ll have visibility into the entire delivery lifecycle without ever leaving the channel. No channel spam, just the right amount of context in your notifications! The ability to merge builds, accept PRs, raise and comment on issues without switching tools is all there. Atomist builds on open standards like GraphQL, and the Atomist Automation API is open source and easy to extend. Create your custom automation and share your brilliant ideas with the rest of the world. The goal of Atomist is to relieve developers of their responsibilities so that they can focus on work that adds value to the company. Thanks to the Atomist Development Automation Platform, developers can create, ship, and continuously improve their software faster than ever before.

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