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What is Ayoa?

Ayoa is an online whiteboard where you can brainstorm ideas, collaborate, and complete tasks. Our goal is to alter people’s perceptions of work. We provide the tools that teams and individuals need to work and collaborate effectively, connecting creativity and productivity. Ayoa is more than just a tool or a whiteboard – it’s a methodology. The Ayoa way of working allows users to quickly capture and grow great ideas, act on them immediately, and develop better working practices. Our adaptable features enable teams of any size to complete any task, whether project planning, effective meeting facilitation, or anything in between. Nothing else seemed to fit, so we went with Ayoa. We coined a new word to represent all of those qualities. We say Ayoa with an A-oh-ah sound, but the truth is that it’s how you use it that matters. Ayoa syncs across multiple devices and includes native desktop and mobile apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, as well as a web app, so users can view, manage, and update their tasks and ideas from anywhere.

Are you planning a meeting? Are you working on a project? With our online collaborative whiteboard, you can do it all. It is perfect for remote and distributed teams to brainstorm ideas, analyze them, and create effective plans. Our video calling features are critical for dispersed or remote teams who need to stay connected. Catch-up with a client or a meeting without leaving the app with built-in Zoom integration and end-to-end encrypted Ayoa video! With radial maps in Ayoa, you can generate great ideas and achieve your objectives. Give your goals and ideas structure by visualizing them in a pie chart, and quickly determine your priorities by changing the size of the segments in your map to indicate their importance. You can share your mind maps with multiple people using public mind map sharing, which is a great way to collaborate in meetings or events. Make your map public and share the link with anyone you want – even if they don’t have an Ayoa account! You can expand your creative thinking and generate new ideas with the visual thinking tool. Choose from speed mind maps for quick brainstorming or super-creative organic mind maps for complete branch customization, including placement, color, images, and more. Create your Gantt-style charts with Ayoa’s Gantt timeline view for more effective time management. Set start and due dates, add milestones, and track your progress in a clear timeline to see everything you need to do. Ayoa, unlike any other app, defies expectations for task management, allowing your creative ideas to flourish. Break free from lists and spreadsheets with various visual boards that are customized to fit any project. 

Use the power of teamwork to explore your creative solutions when faced with a project or decision. You can work together simultaneously and get the most out of your collective brainpower by inviting colleagues to your task boards and mind maps. When you’re focused on a task, getting caught up in the details and losing sight of the bigger picture is easy. All of your work is kept in one place by combining idea generation, task management, and instant messaging, so you spend less time switching between apps. The task side panel is a helpful place to keep track of important information like deadlines, file attachments, and checklists. It’s simple to get started with Ayoa. You can either use our in-app onboarding to walk you through features or use one of our templates to get started right away. Our support team can assist you, and your team learns how to use Ayoa for your specific requirements.

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