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What is Behance?

Professionals in the creative design field can use Behance to showcase their portfolios. Behance’s GUI allows freelancers who are good at graphic design, drawing, painting, and Photoshop but don’t know how to code or write HTML to create a visually appealing portfolio that can be hosted free online. These portfolios can outsource work to businesses looking for creative talent in the design field. Companies can post full-time jobs and contract work, internships, and remote freelance work on Behance. If hiring goals aren’t met, listings can be extended for another 30 days. Businesses can also use Adobe Talent’s hiring assistance to find talent that matches their job requirements discreetly. Because listings are expensive and cater to larger enterprises, Behance isn’t a good platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

Photographs, illustrations, 3D art, UI/UX, graphic design, game design, and much more are among the projects available on Behance. Professional users of the tool can include a textual presentation about the project and their creations and conduct live broadcasts detailing their creative process or another aspect that they want to share with their platform contacts. Behance is a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows users to like and comment on other designers’ projects, save favorites in a folder, and search for content using keywords. The platform also has a section for users looking for new job opportunities in the field and an area with job openings in the field. The leading online platform for showcasing and discovering creative work is Behance, part of Adobe. Behance is a community for creative people worldwide who want to share their original position and creative process with others. Users can show off their work in the form of project-based profiles. With a related theme or approach, a project is a collection of images, videos, and other digital content. You can track how many people have seen your project and praised you for a job well done by creating a unique URL that can be shared across the web, as well as a view and appreciation counter. The Behance Design Team has created a project that you can see here. Members of Behance can follow your profile. When you follow someone in your feed, their updates (projects they’ve uploaded, appreciated, or added to a mood board) will appear. It’s free to join Behance and look through design portfolios. A Behance account must be updated with billing information before a job can be posted. Payment can also be made through the Adobe Talent tool for creative recruitment. For a 30-day job listing on Behance, a single job listing costs $399. A $1499-per-month plan is available, allowing users to work on an unlimited number of jobs per month. However, it is important to remember that these are only job posting rates and do not include freelancers’ salaries. 

Behance has a responsive, cooperative, and client-focused customer service department as an Adobe company. The customer service is excellent. Troubleshooting is quick and painless, and the representatives are friendly and knowledgeable about the process and products. It’s simple and fast to create and publish a job ad on Behance. There’s a simple step-by-step process for creating a new job posting, which includes specifying exact candidate qualifications, the job’s scope, and the expected duration. The use of appropriate labels and filters makes the hiring process even easier. However, the platform itself does not allow you to request additional information such as cover letters, resumes, or references. Businesses that want better job screening candidates will need to move away from Behance.

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