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What is BetterCloud?

BetterCloud is a cloud-based office solution for security and IT teams of all sizes. It’s a robust set of platforms aimed at companies that want to implement critical insights, automated management, and intuitive data security. Businesses can use open APIs and a secure channel to connect data flawlessly from its source with the platform. BetterCloud allows teams to protect the sensitive data they store in SaaS applications. It orchestrates, centralizes, and operationalizes all SaaS applications’ common control and administration. Thousands of users are finding it simple to uncover operational intelligence, consolidate data, delegate custom admin privileges, and enforce complex security policies across SaaS applications with the solution.

BetterCloud provides automated management, critical insights, and intelligent data security for cloud office platforms. BetterCloud connects with your data at its source using open APIs, giving you complete control without requiring any complicated setup. BetterCloud is trusted by IT teams in over 50,000 organizations worldwide, offering solutions for both Google Apps and Office 365. BetterCloud can create, modify, and deprovision accounts for users or monitor these activities using your existing identity or HR systems, such as OneLogin or Namely. BetterCloud can trigger an automated sequence to fully onboard, change, or offboard a user and set up their permissions, settings, and memberships within apps when these activities occur. By automatically setting granular controls for new users and revoking access to all data objects for departing employees, you can eliminate the risk of user error and tighten security efforts. BetterCloud records every workflow so that security teams can see what actions were taken on new and previous employees’ accounts. BetterCloud Discover provides complete and centralized visibility of all sanctioned and unsanctioned applications across your IT environment by utilizing multiple discovery methods such as OAuth and SSO. The access granted to users is typically opaque and poorly understood, causing IT and security teams headaches. Through the User Grid, BetterCloud gives these teams deep visibility into the full scope and scale of user access, empowering IT to make informed decisions about restricting application and file access for both internal and external users. Users’ interactions with applications and data have been inconsistent at best in the past. Users could inadvertently or intentionally expose or exfiltrate data and misuse admin controls. BetterCloud provides IT and security teams insight into insider activity and sends out automated alerts when suspicious activity is detected. It’s one thing to see potentially dangerous user behavior, but your security posture is still jeopardized if you can’t effectively respond to those alerts. BetterCloud uses automated workflows to handle suspicious user actions like locking down or revoking file access, signing users out of apps or SSO, and revoking admin privileges.

BetterCloud is a dependable SaaS application security and management platform for businesses of all sizes. The solution is highly reliable, and it’s primarily designed to simplify and speed up cloud IT management and operations. Thanks to its capabilities, it’s a breeze to manage all aspects of a user’s profile and history in a single interface. BetterCloud reduces the time spent on each operation by simplifying and automating repetitive tasks. It’s simple to add or remove users from a team, and there are several bulk actions available to help with the management process. BetterCloud makes enforcing granular permissions and email settings a breeze. Furthermore, BetterCloud’s Access Control feature allows you to delegate acceptable access levels. You can, for example, give an IT help desk agent access to the deprovision user feature or provide the VP of marketing control over the company’s email signatures. Simply put, BetterCloud allows administrators to assign access levels and responsibilities to domain members so that they can perform specific tasks on their behalf.

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