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What is Betterworks?

Betterworks is a human capital management software that aligns develops. It activates your workforce to help you grow your business. It replaces ineffective annual performance reviews with powerful continuous performance management tools that assist managers with the necessary conversations, coaching, and development to motivate their entire workforce. Betterworks is an integrated platform for end-to-end performance management. Its main features are deep industry expertise, comprehensive implementation services, and full functionality. A seamless user experience is made possible by integrations and an intuitive interface. It uses OKRs and reporting to provide actionable insights to improve goal management and alignment within the company. Employee development, engagement, retention, and other factors are part of these goals. Establish and communicate to employees the company’s objectives.

Regular goal alignment conversations ensure employees understand how their work affects the company. Transparent goal progress improves team and individual accountability, and everyday goal alignment conversations ensure employees understand how their piece affects the company as the whole. Goal alignment leads to more fulfilling work and increased business agility. Create a culture of feedback between managers and employees. Honest, consistent communication is aided by transparent goal progress, light, regular conversations, and 360-degree feedback. Inform top-performing employees about how their work contributes to the company’s top priorities and objectives. Please show your appreciation for their efforts by sharing their achievements with the rest of the company. It boosts employee confidence and motivates them to deliver expected results consistently. Immediately onboard new employees and set them up for success and productivity. Set clear expectations and transparent goals for new hires for the first 30, 60, or 90 days. Assist managers in having meaningful conversations about training and managing new employees. Assist managers in having the appropriate conversations with their employees. Effective conversations ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the organization’s top priorities and goals. Assist managers in having career development conversations with their employees and setting development goals for them. To ensure that the employees in the organization are on the same page, establish transparent, aligned objectives and key results. The cross-functional team alignment ensures that the team focuses on the right goals and produces the expected results on time. Ascertain that each employee has a career development plan to help them learn new skills that will help them perform better in their position. It gives employees the impression that the company cares about their professional development and is more likely to feel connected to the organization’s goals, increasing employee engagement. The system is available in two editions and is tailored to the needs of growing businesses. The Team Edition is for small businesses with five to 250 employees. The Enterprise Edition is for companies with more than 250 employees. Encourage individuals to align their personal goals with the organization’s objectives and key results (OKRs) or the FAST goal methodology, as well as quarterly progress reviews. It enables users to quickly access essential data and interact with goal progress on the activity stream. 

Users can integrate goal management into their workflow with integrations to Slack and other apps. Automate conversations about goal alignment, regular goal check-ins, and career development. Managers are given templates for each type of conversation, which can be customized by department, job level, and business objectives. Free text and quantitative sources are used in discussions. At any time, peer feedback can be requested or scheduled. To get the most up-to-date employee performance and development data, users can filter by department, job type, level, gender, and other factors. Betterworks acquired Hyphen, a voice and engagement platform for employees, which has expanded the system’s capabilities to include automated surveys and polls. They can be configured to attain specific teams or the organization. Users can create custom action plans based on the system’s real-time survey results. Polls aid in the rapid identification of emerging trends and making action plans. Users can gather talent insights into engagement, career development, and manager effectiveness using the design. The data is synced with your HRIS to ensure that processes run smoothly. It offers ongoing education and support to its customers, which they can access online or over the phone. They also have a knowledge base available online.

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