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What is Bizimply?

Bizimply is a cloud-based employee scheduling software for small and medium-sized retail and hospitality businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes. It also manages employee attendance, shifts, timecards, payroll, and business reporting in addition to scheduling. Managers can use Bizimply’s scheduling feature to create job schedules for teams and individuals and share shift details with employees ahead of time. Managers can use the Timestation feature to record employees’ clock in and out times and calculate their actual working hours. To prevent ‘buddy punching,’ the system takes a photo of each employee when they clock in. Bizimply consolidates all data into a single centralized repository and assists businesses in producing detailed HR reports. The employee can track time-off requests, vacation, sick leave, and other requests using the software. Bizimply is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, with businesses paying a monthly subscription for a set number of users. The package also includes dedicated mobile apps for managers and employees to use on their mobile devices to complete their tasks.

Bizimply specializes in human resource management. We develop time and attendance, scheduling, HR, and payroll processing software and apps for the service industry. We’re perfect for ambitious single and multi-store restaurant, bar, and retail operators who want to build a vibrant, dynamic business and workforce. We have a track record of saving both time and money for our customers. Empower managers with a fantastic workforce management solution tailored to frontline workers. Manage time-off requests, prepare timecards, and integrate with your payroll provider while tracking live time and attendance. Bizimply is the ultimate HR solution for managers who want to engage their employees and improve productivity. To better balance your business and staff, keep track of important information like time off and completed training. They are preventing and improving employee performance by preventing staff overload. System administrators can easily make other changes to employee profiles. Bizimply can export an audit log report that records an employee’s HR profile actions. While an employee’s profile is removed from Bizimply, their attendance, schedule, and other information are kept for historical purposes, accurate information on labor hours worked and costs. When the employee is terminated, this information will be anonymized, requiring no further processing by the controller. Bizimply’s role-based access control is designed to improve the security of your employees’ personal information. Employee data will be stored in a single, secure location, accessible only to those with the appropriate permissions to view or edit it. Any changes to this data will be recorded and exported as an audit log report.

Bizimply is a one-stop-shop with drag-and-drop scheduling and cost forecasting at a glance. Managers can view a real-time feed to see which employees have clocked in and are late. Clock-in times are automatically added to timecards and compared to schedules and company rules. Employees can use image capture to prevent buddy punching by snapping a photo as they clock in or out. All contact information and payroll documents, pay rates, maximum working hours, and more are included in employee HR profiles. Users can get instant answers to questions using the online manager diary, consisting of a shift log for recording important information. Bizimply allows users to track daily sales by shift and location and view up-to-date KPIs for business intelligence. Scheduled hours, actual hours, and breaks are all displayed in one view with connected payroll features. Before exporting data to payroll, users can add a holiday, PTO, or sick pay to employee timecards. Managers who use Bizimply can keep detailed records and reports on customer, employee, or supplier issues.

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