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What is Blissfully?

Blissfully is a cloud-based SaaS management solution that provides automated visibility into SaaS apps, spending, and usage for businesses. Onboarding, offboarding, and other repetitive tasks are all made easier with the platform’s change management and IT automation workflows. Blissfully provides an all-in-one platform for IT teams. Every aspect of your technology stack is organized, automated, and secure with Blissfully. Vendor management, SaaS management, SAM, ITAM, IT Automations, SaaS Operations, Employee Help Desk, Workflows, Access Management, and Employee Lifecycle Management are among the ten critical functionalities included in Blissfully’s complete IT platform.

Blissfully assists you in managing your SaaS environment by providing visibility into the tools you use throughout your organization. You can assess your SaaS apps by determining who your employees use each and how much you spend on each app and license. It allows you to cut costs by identifying unused licenses and accounts and any apps with the same or similar product functionality that is removed from your portfolio. When an employee leaves, you can quickly remove permissions from Blissfully. When a new employee joins, you can soon provision one. You can also use Blissfully to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage your SaaS vendors. You can view invoices, manage license renewals, track compliance by preparing for your next audit, and create any approval workflows on the Blissfully platform. Blissfully uses integrations with G Suite, SSO providers, HR systems, accounting software, and SaaS apps like Mailchimp, Intercom, Google Analytics, Dropbox, and others to automatically uncover and visualize a company’s SaaS graphs. The SaaS graph gives users access to complete app details, such as spending and using the apps. Blissfully makes invoice PDFs available, with information extracted for spend tracking. Budget forecasts can be created and compared to actual expenditures, segment by team or app. Prebuilt workflows for managing organizational changes that affect the SaaS graph, such as onboarding, offboarding, vendor approvals, renewals, terminations, and more, are included in Blissfully. Workflows meet specific business needs, and detailed audit logs accompany all workflows. Individual flows can be assigned to team leaders team members or completely automated. Employees can also request app access, new tool or vendor approvals, search for apps based on features or use, and more through an employee portal.

Using our various integrations, you can automatically discover apps used across the entire company. We can benchmark your SaaS spend and app usage based on your company stage using data from thousands of companies. To make informed purchase and renewal decisions, gain a better understanding of employee tool adoption and usage. Identify duplicate spending and shadow IT by automatically detecting invoices sent to employees across the company. We can benchmark your SaaS spend and app usage based on your company stage using data from thousands of companies. Blissfully’s Contract Concierge service extracts and maintains up-to-date metadata on all of your vendor agreements. Keep your contracts in the exact location where you’ll need them. After uploading them to Blissfully, note metadata for quick access. Blissfully’s proprietary database of vendors and apps provides quick access to information for thousands of tools, such as compliance status, contact information, and more. Track your paid app licenses and seats, including automated tracking for popular apps such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zoom. Spending can be distributed across multiple teams based on usage, users, or a custom allocation. Instead of allocating costs to a group, you can do so to a cost center. With all-property filters, stackable filter rules, and saved views, you’ll always be looking at the correct information.

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