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What is Braze?

Braze offers a complete user engagement solution for your mobile and web applications. The SDK, dashboard, and data API are the three main components of the Braze platform. Braze is a cloud-based lifecycle engagement platform that helps businesses to improve product experience, retention, lifetime value, and ROI (ROI). The platform enables businesses to create, launch, and manage personalized marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, devices, and channels to engage with their target audiences. Braze enables teams to communicate with customers through in-app messages and capture lost leads through emails. Administrators can use real-time data to create audience segments and perform A/B testing to improve interactions. It also has data orchestration, streaming, sharing capabilities, reporting tools, a drag-and-drop interface, and more.

Braze provides customized solutions for various industries, including retail and online commerce, entertainment, travel, and financial services. Customers can keep in touch with them through multiple methods, including SMS, email, and mobile apps. Braze provides different customer data analysis options, such as detailed customer profiles. Braze’s various tools, such as dynamic segmentation and personalization options, can be used by marketing managers. Braze offers businesses a variety of suggestions and opportunities for improving customer relationships. Companies can, for example, use forecasting tools or take advantage of the potential of behavior-based automation. Companies can comply with global guidelines thanks to Braze’s high-security standards. Your mobile and web apps can combine braze SDKs to provide potent marketing, customer service, and analytics tools. The dashboard is where all of the data and interactions in the Braze platform are managed. Marketers can use the site to set up targeted messaging campaigns, manage notifications, and view analytics. The dashboard allows developers to manage app integration settings such as API keys and push notification credentials. Instead of using the mobile and web SDKs, the Braze Data API provides a web service that allows you to record the actions taken by your users directly via HTTP. It will enable you to add custom events from a web-based application for segmentation purposes. The Braze dashboard shows graphs that are updated in real-time based on a variety of analytics metrics as well as custom events that you’ve programmed into your app. Segmentation allows you to create user groups based on in-app behavior, demographic data, social data, and other factors. Suppose the desired action is not captured by default. In that case, Braze allows you to define any in-app user action as a “custom event.” The same can be said for user characteristics obtained through “custom attributes.” Users will move segments as they meet (or fail to meet) the defined criteria once a user segment has been created on the dashboard. For example, the image below depicts a number of users who have spent money in-app and haven’t used the app in more than two weeks. Braze’s messaging tools enable multichannel communication with your users once you’ve defined a segment. For example, send a push notification and an email to the element defined in the previous section. To re-engage lost users, energize your brand ambassadors, retain active users, and regularly use messaging channels in concert. Additionally, you can use our advanced scheduling options in the future to automate campaigns for specific groups of those users.

You can send a targeted, dynamic stream to your customers right within the apps they use without interrupting their experience using Content Cards. More personalized features, such as card pinning, Connected Content, dismissal, API-based delivery, custom card expiration times, easy coordination with push notifications, and card analytics are also supported by Content Cards. Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for Android and Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) for iOS are both supported by Braze. The messaging campaigns and news items publication can trigger push notifications. Braze’s custom-built native user interface provides unobtrusive in-app notifications. Messages can be delivered at any time, ensuring that your message reaches the user at the most effective time for engagement. Find out how to make an in-app message.

Add your existing HTML templates, use our rich text editor, or use our drag and drop editor to send your users rich HTML messages. Braze can easily integrate email into your mobile engagement strategy. Send transactional notifications, send reminders, share promotions, and more with Braze. Messages are the most efficient way to communicate with users and customers, with over 23 billion text messages sent worldwide. Webhooks allow you to trigger non-app actions and provide real-time data to other systems and applications. This feature’s versatility enables you to send data to any endpoint.

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