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What is Breezeworks?

Breezeworks is for small and medium-sized businesses. Customer relationship management, planning, team management, and automation are the most important features. The CRM module allows users to add customer details; jobs link invoices and payments to their accounts. It aids them in scheduling appointments, communicating with each other, and automating budget approvals. Users can use the scheduling module to manage their team’s jobs, find out where they’re working, record information, make online appointments, and reschedule them. It also manages team communications and provides real-time customer alerts and GPS tracking. A central database, invoice tracking, traffic notifications, and activity flows are just a few other features. Breezeworks is designed for small teams that need to communicate without being in the same office as each other. Still, it’s not intended for large corporations (or in an office at all). Breezeworks could be a game-changer for those teams.

Breezeworks can be accessed via a browser because it is a cloud-based software. Still, as you might expect from field-focused software, the company’s mainstays are its iOS and Android apps. (I put the iOS version to the test.) With that in mind, the apps’ ability to convey so much information and functionality on such a small screen is impressive. You’ll have to scroll to see everything you need to see, but it’s only a minor quibble. It saves almost everything you type for later use; this is a huge time saver, especially when using virtual keyboards. Breezeworks’ calendar is accessible via a set of five tabs at the bottom of the app. The calendar is one of the app’s weakest points in many ways. It isn’t to say it’s a bad thing, but it does provide a more basic level of functionality. If you’ve ever used booking software before, you’ll notice that your appointments are displayed in colorful blocks. When your work is getting closer, however, Breezeworks becomes more interesting. GPS functionality is integrated into the app because it assumes you’re out in the field. It will notify you of upcoming appointments and calculate the time it will take you to get there. Breezeworks can keep track of each team member’s area. It updates every 15 minutes or every 1/4 mile of movement, whichever comes first. Breezeworks allows users to choose which hours of the day they want to be tracked, so your coworkers won’t know how often you go out for late-night burgers. You can use Breezeworks to send notes and photos of jobs done in the field back to headquarters in addition to location tracking. Breezeworks offers third-party billing through its partners (WePay and Square). You can use this feature to send a bill via email (the customer must approve the job and the work done). You can use Breezeworks to handle your check, cash, or credit card transactions. You can use the camera on your mobile device to process card transactions if you don’t want to spend money on additional hardware.

When integrating with a third-party service with the same features, Breezeworks prefers not to reinvent the wheel. Breezeworks synchronizes with Quickbooks to do the heavy lifting in CRM analytics. On the other hand, the mobile app has a few useful features, such as allowing you to schedule jobs using your contact list, viewing customer job locations, and viewing payment and job history. You can also decide how the customer will be reminded of upcoming appointments (if any) (text or phone call). If there was one thing that Breezeworks lacked in its initial release, it was the lack of automation. Breezeworks has added some new automation features to help with field operations. Breezeworks can now calculate the best times to schedule an appointment based on employee schedules and where they’ll be geographically at the time, avoiding the hassle of shuffled programs. Niche products are often overlooked in the age of massive platforms and superstores. Breezeworks isn’t everything a business could want in a booking app. Still, it is a product that caters to the needs of its target market consistently and aggressively. Breezeworks is determined to make your life easier if you’re a small business (1-20 people) that does on-site work. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this software could be the difference between success and failure for some businesses. It is updated regularly with new features, and functionality is just the cherry on top. The unique feature of automated scheduling will make it easier for field agents to be deployed in the most efficient manner possible.

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