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What is Bubbl.us?

You can use Bubbl.us to create mind maps – graphical representations of concepts and ideas, as well as their relationships – that are colorful and engaging. It’s great to brainstorm with your team, plan projects, and collaborate with others. It can be used as a tool for teaching and learning in the classroom. Using Bubbl.us, both you and your audience will be able to comprehend better and process concepts as well as come up with new ones on the fly! It also doesn’t require any client software to be installed because it’s a browser-based service, so there’s no need to install anything to get started. You can only make three mind maps with the free version. Users who only require the service for a single project or assignment benefit from this plan. The premium plan costs $4.91 per month per user, while a team plan with three users costs $59 per month per person. A 30-day free trial, the ability to add files and images, unlimited mind maps, and real-time collaboration options are all included in the premium and team plans. They also have priority support and guest editing. Small businesses who want to benefit from the visual aid of a mind map without paying for an enterprise solution should consider the premium plan in addition to the premium plan’s features. Custom domain branding, multiple licenses, advanced user management, and a dedicated administrator account are just a few of the features available. The team plan is the ideal app for businesses that rely heavily on collaboration, brainstorming, and innovation and want unrestricted access to a powerful mind mapping solution.

Bubbl.us mind maps are essentially information bubbles used to create flowcharts or diagrams. Using a clever color scheme, users can easily see how different bubbles and branches of a mind map are linked to each other in a mind map. Some of the system’s built-in features are listed below. Use the Custom button in your mind map to personalize the bubbles in your mind map to emphasize different relationships or contrasts and differences between different sets of data. You can change the colors of your mind map bubbles by using the Hue, Saturation, and Palette buttons. The color-coded map representations on Bubbl.us have been well received by many users, particularly teachers. The tool gives students the ability to personalize things without becoming lost in the process. Save, Export, and Share-Your mind maps will be saved every two minutes by default, but you’ll need to create an account to keep them online. Using the export option, you can save your maps in JPG, PNG, and HTML formats. You can even email your maps, see your revision history, add files and images, collaborate in real-time, and allow anyone with a link to edit your mind map with the premium version. You can collaborate with others over the Internet with Bubbl.us for online class brainstorming. The ability to interact with students and collaborate on projects is particularly useful for teachers who can use it to engage them. 

The user interface of Bubbl.us is straightforward. You start with a large piece of paper to draw shapes and fill them with data. On different devices, the app works similarly, with the only difference being the size of the canvas you start with. With an interactive pop-up menu, you can change the size of your text and the arrows that connect your diagrams. You can save your mind map as an image and share it with others once it’s finished. On your canvas, you can also resize and manipulate the objects themselves. All you have to do now is add a new shape or object to the canvas, give it a name, and connect it to other forms on the canvas by tying them together. You can create visually appealing maps in this way without spending a lot of time or money. On Linux, Windows, and MacOS, Bubbl.us is cloud-based. You only need a device (mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop) and an Internet connection to use it because it runs Macromedia Flash in your browser. It’s compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer, among other browsers. If you have any issues with the service, you can contact the tech team via email, phone, or online helpdesk tickets.

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