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What is Budgeto?

Budgeto is a financial management platform that helps small businesses create annual budgets, adjust monthly financial projections, analyze performance, generate financial reports, manage cash flow, and raise capital. Budgeto is the quickest and most straightforward way to create professional business budgets online. Use Budgeto to make your annual business budget, monthly review and adjustments to your financial projections, and a clear picture of your company’s future cash flow situation. Impress your prospective investors by printing your budget, including a cash flow statement, a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet, and a complete set of financial ratios. 

The assumptions in a business plan are the base rates, pricing, and items associated with the report’s factors. They provide a more detailed description of what will be included in your information. On a business plan, assumptions can take the form of comments, hypotheses, legends, table of contents (TOC), and so on. Budgeto currently does not allow you to directly add assumptions to your exported reports (PDF/Excel). Budgeto does provide a few workarounds for successfully incorporating your beliefs into your business plan and financial projections. Use the Sales and Expenses menu’s printing feature to print your lists instead of your assumptions, legends, and so on. Manually build your premises in a Microsoft Word document and then export it as a PDF. Combine your Assumption PDF with your Budgeto Exported reports PDFs using an online PDF merger tool to create a Master report that will impress your investors. Budgeto currently allows you to view your financial projection reports (Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet) on a monthly or annual basis. We are, however, working on a new feature that will give users access to a quarterly view in addition to monthly and yearly statements. We’re excited to provide better contextual assistance to all users! On the majority of Budgeto’s menu, a help-drawer has been implemented. This help-drawer includes various articles, how-to guides, and videos related to the menu the user is currently working on. This help-drawer can be found on the Dashboard, Sales menu, Expenses menu, and other places. Every entry in the Sales, Expenses and Employees menu now has a left-hand icon that indicates whether the entry was created in Budgeto and imported from QuickBooks Online or Xero.

We recommend that users have two different types of budgets at Budgeto. Your daily budget keeps track of and updates throughout the year to keep up with any changes or decisions that arise. A budget that is locked does not change. It has been set to “read-only” mode. It’s built once and then used to compare original projections to actual results. It’s critical to keep one master budget at the start of the year that you don’t want to change in any way throughout the fiscal year when creating budgets and financial forecasts. Regardless of what happens, this fixed budget should remain unchanged. The reason for this is that if you keep an original, undamaged copy of your first budget, you’ll be able to calculate the exact difference between the first and last days of your fiscal year. Most of the Budgeto app’s export/print features have been improved! To access the printing feature, users can use the Printer icon on the top-right screen of most Budgeto sections, such as sales, expenses, and employees. We’ve been putting efforts into making the QBO/Xero synchronization process more user-friendly. We’ve released the “Click Click Boom,” which automatically populates Budgeto’s forms using your existing QBO/Xero historical data. It is a huge step forward! You can create 80% of your budget based on your previous spending with just a few clicks! It enables business owners to develop a budget and easily maintain it by monthly importing historical data from their bookkeeping software. The management, editing, and sorting of expenses/categories have greatly improved. Furthermore, you can now drag and drop costs and assign them to various departments. With the ability to share your budget with others, we’ve added a new onboarding feature for new users that lets you create an account as a start-up, an existing business, or a user who has been invited to work on a budget. People invited to collaborate on a budget with another Budgeto user will no longer need to create a new Budgeto account.

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