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What is Bugsnag?

Bugsnag is a bug tracking tool that allows teams to use automated crash detection, alerting, and prioritization tools, as well as powerful diagnostics and prioritization dashboards, to fix bugs faster. Thousands of top technology companies, including Eventbrite, Airbnb, Pandora, Shopify, Square, Lyft, and Namely, have over 1 trillion application sessions. Application Stability Management keeps track of your application’s performance to see if you need to add new features to your roadmap or fix bugs to keep it running smoothly. In the Stability Center, you can set goals for your team’s stability and see how they’re progressing toward them. You can see how the application’s health and user experience are changing by looking at graphs that show trends in user and session stability over time. Make data-driven decisions about which applications should be prioritized for bug fixing using insights. You can also keep track of how well the team’s debugging efforts are helping improve the application’s stability and user experience.

You can use the user or session stability scores to see if you need to spend more time debugging or move on to new features development. User stability measures the percentage of your app’s daily active users who do not experience a crash. In contrast, session stability measures the rate of your app’s daily active users who do not share a collision. Real-time observability can analyze stability issues on a timeline to investigate specific incidents,  understand trends, pinpoint error spikes, or determine if a release introduces new bugs. Gather the information you’ll need to decide whether or not to correct a mistake. To stay focused on the errors that have the most significant impact on application stability, sort errors by the number of times they occurred or the number of affected users. As you work on bug fixes, workflow states (open, fixed, snoozed) and Jira integration help you collaborate. Use the search builder to save search filters with bookmarks and filter errors on multiple attributes. Use bookmarks to keep track of the types of errors that matter to you, such as those that affect VIP customers, your codebase, A/B tests, or critical app functions. Create a customized error view in the Project Overview Dashboard with bookmarks and track how errors affect your most important segments to prioritize and fix them.

Use alerts to help prioritize and resolve errors, align the team around the most important bugs, and quickly fix high-impact errors. With issue tracker, team chat, and incident management integrations, you can also streamline debugging workflows. Every mistake is automatically tracked so you can see where it came from in your code. Thanks to integrations with source control, you can access that repo with a single click. We support source maps, dSYMs, and ProGuard for JavaScript and mobile platforms, allowing us to show a readable stack trace from obfuscated or minified source code. Going back and forth with customers in support is no longer necessary because of automatic breadcrumbs. To give you a clear path to reproduce the bug, Bugsnag automatically captures a timeline of events and actions leading up to the error, such as button presses and database queries. Bugsnag automatically captures the error context specific to your app, regardless of whether it’s a mobile, browser, or backend app.

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