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What is Candis?

CANDIS is a software program that automates the accounts payable process. You can capture, process, and pay invoices with just a few clicks. Small and medium-sized businesses will benefit significantly from the software. Invoices are imported by email or direct upload for finance teams. Invoice data is intelligently captured, including tax information and cost centers. Its algorithms learn accounting processes over time, allowing them to code and route invoices more accurately. Feedback and approvals are handled entirely within the app, eliminating the need for email ping-pong. All relevant information is available to requestors and approvers. You can export and pay invoices with just a few clicks, and you don’t need to worry about late fees or missed payments.

CANDIS is a software solution for small and medium-sized businesses that automate invoice management. The platform intelligently captures accounting processes and invoice data to code and route invoices accurately. Within the forum, users can ask and answer questions and receive approval from teammates or departments. There are no endless email back-and-forth conversations because all decision-makers have access to relevant information. Data is exported to the payment platforms of your choice. There’s no need to be concerned about missed payments or late fees. We prioritize data security and work diligently every day to ensure the best possible protection for your information. We are a GoBD-compliant operation and strive to maintain confidentiality through protected servers. To complete your accounting, export your data to DATEV companies online using the DATEV interface. We’ve pared down CANDIS to its most essential features, combining them with a modern interface to make it easier to work even if they haven’t been onboarded. In 30 minutes, you’ll be ready to go with CANDIS. There is no need for an external system administrator and minimal implementation effort. Our experts are regularly trained to answer any questions you may have. All packages include onboarding, chat, and phone support. We will look after you until all of your questions have been answered. Freelancers, finance teams, and tax advisors are all involved in the invoicing process. Instead of constantly answering questions, finance teams should focus on their work. CANDIS eliminates the need for manual reconciliation. With continued growth, financial operations and corporate structures can become complicated. It doesn’t have to be like this. They can easily handle complex processes, employees, and companies with CANDIS. Evaluations can only assist you in making the best decisions if all accounting data is correct and complete. CANDIS helps you with initial account assignment and data transfer to your accounting system. Thanks to the continuous exports and short lead time, you can book on an ongoing basis without creating reserves or book invoices before releasing. It saves you money on postage and guarantees that your reports are always delivered on time.

Approval folders and excel lists are not available to us. CANDIS provides one-click approvals, multi-level workflows, a user-friendly dashboard, and a handy comment function. You can export invoice data, complete with the desired initial account assignment, document image, and process documentation with a single click. Hours spent looking through folders? You can find all invoices in the GoBD-compliant archive in seconds with the search function’s help. As an official interface partner, CANDIS ensures that data is easily exported to DATEV Unternehmen online. Vouchers, including voucher data, can be transferred online using the DATEV voucher data export. Direct payment from DATEV Unternehmen is possible thanks to the automatic capture of invoice data and the indication of whether a voucher must be transferred or not. Is the invoice that was exported already paid? Even after exporting to DATEV, keep track of all invoices! In CANDIS, all receipts are assigned a receipt ID to be easily located after being shipped to DATEV and checked for payment. CANDIS serves as a hub for communication between your company and the tax office. After approval, the invoices can be exported online via DATEVconnect without media interruption. Because your receipts have already been entered by CANDIS, including cost centers and note fields, they will appear in DATEV’s payment proposal list, or the “Provide receipts” folder after the export. We consider ourselves a full-service provider, so we handle the entire setup of your DATEV and CANDIS accounts so you can get started in less than 30 minutes. Our customer service team will assist you with rights management in DATEVconnect online as well as CANDIS synchronization.

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