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What is CARTO?

CARTO is a powerful open-source platform that provides location intelligence and analysis. Visualization and spatial analysis are possible with the self-service platform for business analysts, data scientists, and individual users. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface helps business analysts optimize their operations and deploy location apps in less time, allowing them to break free from GIS shackles. It gives users access to the power of location data while removing the complication of using and maintaining complex and legacy GIS solutions. The platform is also open source and gives users a visual representation of what’s going on. It uses a self-service model to help predict the future and accelerate innovation.

CARTO Builder simplifies data analysis for business users and scientists by allowing them to forecast critical insights based on location data using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The self-service platform is easy to use and includes widget-based dashboards that cut down on time to understanding. It is ready enough to meet the demands of advanced users and larger organizations, even though it works well for individual users. The web-based spatial and predictive analytics platform is scalable and works well for small and large organizations. The platform also includes its Data Observatory, which adds value to existing location data by incorporating relevant and adaptable datasets. Because the platform is based on a SaaS (Service as a Solution) model, it is cost-effective and scales to meet users’ needs. Data from sensor networks, spreadsheets, and other business software can be connected with relative ease using the builder and its intuitive interface. Users can accurately predict key insights using location data using built-in analytics and reporting tools, which helps reduce time to success. The Auto-Styling feature, which analyzes the mapped data to discover relationships and trends, automatically pinpoints important insights and eliminates the guesswork. Thanks to powerful SQL capabilities and Turbo-Carto styling, users can be more creative and integrate data with other systems. Larger companies can use the Builder environment to create advanced location-based apps and extract insights directly from dashboards without editing visualizations or the original data.

Data Scientists, Developers, and Analysts use our data and analysis to solve spatial problems, such as determining where and why things happen, optimizing business processes, and forecasting future outcomes. Integrates seamlessly with the leading cloud data platforms and analytics tools, such as Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Databricks, removing ETL complexity and scalability limitations. It is ready to support your location-based decisions on your terms, whether you’re looking for SaaS, private or public cloud, or on-premise. Our Data Observatory enables enterprise organizations to quickly access thousands of “always-on” public and premium datasets, enhancing their spatial analysis with information such as POIs, human mobility, credit card transactions, and more. CARTO’s services (geocoding, routing, isolines, and base maps) help speed up the process, whether you’re a Data Analyst just getting started with location analytics or a Data Scientist building machine-learning-driven spatial models. Use CARTOframes to conduct analysis from your Jupyter notebooks, or use our Analytic Toolboxes to run advanced analytics natively in cloud platforms. Visualization should be more than just pretty maps; it should also answer a business question. You can quickly build location intelligence apps or use one of our app templates with CARTO, resulting in a solution that your business stakeholders will want to use in their day-to-day operations, whether for Market Analysis, Site Selection, Out of Home Advertising, or Supply Chain Optimization.

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