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What is Caspio?

Caspio is a cloud-based all-in-one tool for developers to build custom database apps. It comes with a wide range of capabilities and tools for designing, developing, and deploying applications. The platform is user-friendly, so users don’t waste time and effort learning how to use it. Aside from that, the solution is one of the most dependable and secure data storage systems available. It is supported by a powerful Microsoft SQL Server, which provides users with a secured database to upload data and create forms and reports. The software includes an open API that allows users to customize and personalize the platform. 

Software development that is slow and expensive is a thing of the past. Caspio’s all-in-one platform helps you create the applications you need according to your exact specifications while operating in a secure and scalable cloud environment that eliminates the cost and complexity of programming, hosting, and maintenance. Caspio offers an easy-to-use visual application builder that walks you through the entire process of developing sophisticated cloud applications. Make custom web forms, searchable databases, multi-user portals, interactive dashboards, automated workflows, and more in a fraction of the time to develop traditional web applications. Caspio sets a standard for doing more with less by empowering citizen developers to create their applications. Align your frontline customer service teams, business operations, and IT departments in ways you’ve never done before. With smaller budgets, fewer resources, and less strain on overburdened IT departments, automate processes, eliminate data silos, and enable digital transformation. You’ll be able to launch custom applications faster than ever before with Caspio’s modern low-code approach, allowing you to reallocate valuable IT resources and drive continuous improvement across the business. Bring your concepts to life more quickly than ever before. Point-and-click tools help you create powerful applications that are tailored to your specific needs, saving you time and effort. The platform provides everything you need to launch scalable and secure applications through a guided step-by-step process. You can deploy applications to any web property, whether a general site, intranet, or CMS system. It’s as simple as pointing, clicking, and deploying. It’s that simple! IT experts value the platform’s enterprise-grade security, scalability, and compliance, while business users appreciate its ease of use. Microsoft SQL Server powers Caspio’s integrated online database. Caspio’s database performance, governance, and security features, such as audit trails and data encryption at rest, are unrivaled as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Caspio is also built on AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and widely used cloud infrastructure, trusted by the world’s most prestigious brands. Caspio makes it simple to integrate process automation into any application, so you can improve operations at scale, no matter what you’re building. To apply business rules, streamline data-driven processes, and optimize human workflows, use visual drag-and-drop tools. Caspio’s intuitive logic builder creates sophisticated applications with conditional behaviors and automated triggers.

Technology is not a barrier anymore between great ideas and business results, thanks to Caspio. Scripting languages such as JavaScript, SQL, and Caspio’s REST API are available to tech-savvy users to extend their applications. Integrate Caspio quickly with your existing systems to ensure that everyone is working from the same source of truth. The platform supports AWS, Zapier, Box, Paypal, Active Directory, SharePoint, Google Drive, Stripe, and several other popular services. Customers ranging from large corporations and government agencies to financial services and healthcare organizations rely on Caspio to host their mission-critical data and applications. Caspio is designed to store sensitive data under industry, regional, and regulatory requirements. The infrastructure is hosted on AWS data centers that are SOC 2 certified, PCI DSS Level 1 certified, ISO 27001/27017/27018 certified, and HIPAA and FERPA compliance in the education sector.

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