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To help see tomorrow’s opportunities today, the CB Insights tech market intelligence platform analyzes data points on startups, venture capital,  patents, partnerships, and news mentions. Untangling a mess of unstructured news articles, patents, startup websites, venture capital financing, and more, we find clues about emerging and disruptive technology and business trends. Mosaic scores from CB Insights, developed in collaboration with the National Science Foundation, provide early warning signals about a company’s health and momentum, allowing you to predict tomorrow’s winners and threats today. The markets in which you select to compete determine your growth. So you can place your bets in the right places, CB Insights identifies the industries that are growing and steer you away from the ones that aren’t. Visualize where the industry’s leaders are concentrating their efforts, giving you a sneak peek at the products and strategies they’re pursuing. Where are the smartest and most forward-thinking corporations and investors betting their money? Stay up to date on everything from Amazon and Abbott Labs to Alibaba and Accel Partners by pressing a button.

Track news and funding alerts for companies and industries you’re interested in by setting up an automated system. By analyzing the health and potential of potential targets in one place with CB Insights, you can streamline your due diligence on them. Thanks to CB Insights’ technology insights platform, intelligence analysts, and a global network of executives and startups, people can articulate compelling answers to difficult questions about growth, competition, and technology. Every day, our team works to create technology that allows businesses to win more by reducing their guesswork. We use machine learning, algorithms, and data visualization to help companies replace the three Gs (Google searches, gut instinct, and guys with MBAs) by aggregating and analyzing massive amounts of data and using probability rather than punditry to answer huge strategic questions. CB Insights’ annual list of the world’s 100 most promising private AI companies in the AI 100. The winners of this year’s competition are working on various projects, including AI transparency, climate risk, virus modeling, and more. Where applicable, personal data is processed to fulfill our contractual obligations. Our legitimate interest in managing and marketing our business, operating and administering the Website, providing and improving the Services, and providing requested content or materials is based on the fact that we have not entered into a contract with you to do so. 

Personal Data is also collected by tracking how people use the Website and Services to meet our contractual obligations and, where necessary, provide a safe and enjoyable experience. We have a legitimate business interest in promoting our Website and Services, growing our business, and advertising our offerings. As a result, we will only send you marketing information, product recommendations, custom research, and other necessary communications to reflect such legitimate interests or to the extent, you have provided such information if applicable. CBI will only use your Data to verify financial information and collect payments as needed to complete a transaction and fulfill our contractual obligations in the rare instances where you have provided financial information to us. Under applicable law, we may be required to process Personal Data for legal and compliance reasons that we believe are necessary or appropriate. Responding to court, law enforcement, regulatory and other public, and government authorities’ requests; enforcing our terms of service or other terms and conditions; or defending our own or others’ rights, privacy, safety, or property rights may all necessitate such processing.

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