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What is Celoxis?

Celoxis is a project portfolio management (PPM) solution that eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets, emails, and other files to manage a project. Project managers who manage multiple projects can keep track of all aspects of each project in a single portfolio, including budgeting, resources, and more. Instead of using email, they can collaborate with their colleagues or clients within the platform. Celoxis can manage both small projects and large, multimillion-dollar projects. Celoxis can be deployed in the cloud at first, with the option to migrate to an on-premise version later.

Request tracking, project planning, project tracking, project accounting, and portfolio management are all covered by Celoxis’ comprehensive project management solution. Users can gather project requests from various sources, including emails, forms, and spreadsheets, and prioritize them according to business KPIs. They can build dynamic project plans that automatically adjust with auto-scheduling tools, support inter-project dependencies, and multiple assigned resources per task. Project managers can manage task requests from various sources, such as emails or spreadsheets, using the Project Request Queue. Specific attributes, such as time, cost, capacity, risk, and benefit, can sort requests. Project managers can use the Project planning tool to create project plans that allow for flexibility based on real-world situations, such as unexpected budgeting concerns. Automatic scheduling, interproject dependencies, Gantt charts, and assigning multiple resources to a task are just a few of the features. Managers can also use hours instead of percentages to allocate resources. Project managers can use the tracking dashboard to keep track of milestones, tasks, problem areas, and the overall health of a project. The program includes intelligent health indicators that track progress and provide completion estimates. It uses red, amber, and green alert signals to alert managers to problem areas. Managers can also get automatic email alerts if problems arise, such as when a task deadline is missed. Project managers use Real-time charts to assign resources to specific projects based on employee availability and skills. The resource management tool accommodates several shifts and any situation that affects a resource’s availability, such as vacation or sick leave. Celoxis also allows customers to create virtual users who do not have access to the software but can participate in discussions and receive project updates via email. They can also be assigned to planning projects. Project managers have real-time access to key performance indicators (KPIs) like profits and margins.

Celoxis supports milestone-based billing and other flexible billing models. The customizable portfolio dashboard allows project managers to keep track of their projects within a portfolio. They can prioritize specific tasks, manage requests within a project, and analyze their portfolio in real-time. Real-time insights into a project are provided by the reporting and dashboard tools. Customized drill-down charts, Customized reporting fields, and automatic email report scheduling are just a few of the features. Project managers can work with their coworkers and clients in various ways, including through online discussion forums and a shared calendar. Celoxis also has pages like social media sites, with an activity stream and a notification center. The @mention annotation allows users to tag other users in a comment directly. Users can also share files, and each file has version control built-in. Finally, clients can access and comment on information relevant to their projects through a free client portal. Project managers can keep track of their employees’ time spent on a project and send invoices to clients. Managers can track and reimburse employees for project-related out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., travel). A multi-level approval workflow, weekly timesheets, a task timer, and automatic email reminders are also included in this module. Celoxis provides custom workflow apps for businesses that require automated processes tailored to their specific requirements. Risk management and issue and bug tracking are two examples of these apps (for IT and software companies). Companies have the option of customizing pre-built apps or developing their own.

Celoxis offers a 30-day free trial to customers. Once the test is over, they can choose to have Celoxis deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Celoxis charges a fee for remote installation and data migration services for clients who want to move data from the cloud to their servers. Celoxis works with over 400 business apps, including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Salesforce, QuickBooks Online, Jira, Slack, and Evernote. For users who have never used a project management solution before, Celoxis may have a steep learning curve. The vendor offers comprehensive training. Celoxis may be robust for a small office that doesn’t require advanced features like project accounting or portfolio management. However, it’s used by small teams within a large corporation.

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