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What is Cerego?

Cerego is an adaptive learning platform that scales proven cognitive science and makes learning accessible to everyone. The platform’s proprietary learning engine adapts and improves the learning experience to meet the needs of each individual. At the same time, predictive analytics provide managers and educators with actionable data. Cerego recognizes the importance of knowledge in learning, expertise, and creativity. Our goal is to assist students in becoming knowledgeable and for that knowledge to last and be helpful in the long run. Without engagement, all information gradually fades from memory. As defined by scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus, the forgetting curve is proportional to the rate of forgetting.

Cerego’s unique combination of cognitive science and artificial intelligence makes learning faster and more effective than any other platform. As a result, Cerego users learn 4-5 times quicker and are more competent when they finish their studies. Cerego’s cognitive science applies to any field, whether you’re onboarding and training new employees or studying for the dental boards. Cerego’s Knowledge Bank gives you a real-time picture of your knowledge on every concept you’ve learned, including what needs to be reviewed and what you already know. Cerego keeps track of the strength of each idea, how quickly you master a topic, and how diligently you study. It gives you a glimpse into how you’ll learn and perform in the future, which no other learning platform can provide. Cerego’s Smart CreateTM tools make it quick and easy to create new content or repurpose existing training materials. Not only can our Natural Language Processing analyze text, but it can also transcribe video content. Then, with the help of our Smart SuggestionsTM and Smart answers, you can create meaningful follow-ups that your students will remember. Cerego is a cognitive science-backed adaptive learning platform, which means that our algorithm makes unique learning paths tailored to the needs of each learner. Rather than the traditional LMS approach, which is similar to having a textbook online, Cerego is identical to having a personal tutor who knows all of the subjects you’re studying, how far you’ve progressed in each area, and what would be the best to review at any given time to keep you on track. Cerego’s Knowledge BankTM provides unrivaled insight into learning. Individual learners and administrators can track real-time progress across every learning item in every course, allowing them to identify weaknesses early on (before the test) and forecast future performance. Cerego’s mastery learning demonstrates that the learner truly understands the material, not just that they passed a one-time exam. Low-retention knowledge fades quickly, making it difficult to recall if you need it several days or weeks later. Learning that you have developed high retention for, on the other hand, fades more slowly, allowing you to recall and use it when you need it weeks, months, or even years later. 

Cerego’s AI transcribes videos and uses our Smart Create technology to highlight critical concepts and generate quiz questions for Learning Sets. Cerego’s Knowledge BankTM, unlike traditional exams, provides real-time insights into your learning, providing unparalleled visibility into your current—and future—state of knowledge. Create and upload learning sets using a simple spreadsheet, which reduces friction for content managers and allows you to get up and running faster than ever before. Non-Cerego users can also create content quickly loaded into the platform and distributed to learners. Cerego’s email and push notifications, like the rest of the platform, are based on a combination of AI and cognitive science, ensuring that learners are notified at the optimal time to study for long-term retention and application. The content of a course is frequently organized in a hierarchy. Cerego’s Gated Assignments feature allows instructors to set an achievement level that learners must reach before moving on to the next assignment in a course. Because of Cerego’s extensive educational background, we are very familiar with Learning Management Systems. We can integrate with all of the most popular LMS platforms. Collaboration with editors or instructors is simple, and you can easily publish and distribute your content to students.

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