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What is Certify?

The Certify allows you to create applications and integrations directly interacting with Certify data. Make calls to our API endpoints without logging in and manually accessing the data. RESTful API calls such as GET, POST, and PUT are used by the Certify API via HTTP web requests. HTTPS must be used for all communications. The Certify API accepts JSON and XML responses and accepts JSON and XML requests. You can specify which format you want in the Content-Type header of your requests by setting it to “application/json” or “application/xml.” JSON is the format that is used by default. To verify the caller’s identity, all API calls to the Certify API must include authentication information. Your company’s API Key is a hashed code that tells us who you are. You can access your Certify data using the API Secret, a generated token. Inside Certify, you can find both tickets in the Configuration section of your company’s administrator users. These tokens should only be given to people who have a legitimate need to access your company’s data. Certify’s expert implementation team knows how to make things easy. Get your new system up and running as soon as possible.

We’re eager to assist you in configuring Certify to your specific needs because our team has hundreds of successful implementations under its belt. From gathering technical requirements to introducing them to employees, a designated implementation lead will work with you every step of the way. Full-service implementations typically take 4–6 weeks to complete and include all of the services you’ll need to set up and test Certify, train your users, launch with your employees, and maintain user support. Configure and throw at your own pace with our self-service tools. You can set up expense categories and departments, add users, start submitting and approving expense reports, and much more in a matter of minutes. You’re not completely alone, either. To help you get up and running quickly, the Certify online support center has answers to frequently asked questions, training videos, and setup wizards. Certify can simplify and automate your expense management process for international travelers and employees all over the world, thanks to its robust global expense management capabilities. Certify provides a single platform for all of your users, including an option for end-user currency conversion override, regardless of their location or preferences, with support for over 60 languages and 140+ currencies. When creating an account with Certify, users can choose from a list of 60 language preferences, which can be changed at any time. For a more efficient implementation, Certify uses machine language translation, and users can customize their experience by adding their localizations and dialects. 

For all users, Certify has a variety of currency options. So your expense report approvers, submitters, and accountants can focus on policies and productivity, not pennies, with automatic, real-time conversion for more than 140 currencies based on the exact date of each expense, as well as the ability for end-users to adjust currency conversions themselves. Your organization’s global footprint can be scaled with Certify’s worldwide travel and expense management solutions. We provide leading support for your in-country international travelers and employees with local support phone numbers in the world’s most productive markets. Certify automatically recognizes each user’s cultural preferences for formatting numbers, dates, and currency amounts based on the user’s standard browser settings. While allowing users to interact with the system in their preferred format, large companies in multiple countries gain centralized expense policy control. That’s another reason to consider Certify as your global T&E solution because it’s one less thing for your team to configure. 

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