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What is Charlie HR?

CharlieHR is a software company that offers the Charlie HR software product. Charlie HR offers live online and in-person training sessions. Charlie HR is an HR software that includes features like attendance management, employee database, onboarding, payroll management, time-off management, time & attendance management, performance management, and 360-degree feedback. Charlie HR provides both online and in-person support. A free version of Charlie HR is available. Charlie HR is a software as a service (SaaS) solution. ONEMINT, Baraza HCM, and ASL Consulting are alternatives to Charlie HR.

The USP of CharlieHR Human Resource Software is cloud-based human resource task management. It creates an efficient network for both employees and employers to interact and create a sustainable environment for the organization. It allows for efficient management of the company structure, including workflow organization, employee reporting, and interactive reporting. The pricing for Charlie HR is based on the number of employees in a company. The basic package of Charlie HR costs $4 per month per user for one employee, while the advanced package costs $204 per month per user. For 200 employees, the pricing goes up to $796 per month for the basic package and $995 per month for the superior package. You can contact the respective vendor for more information on CharlieHR pricing. You secure login for team members to make time-off requests in Manage time-off requests. Request standard work from home requests with proper justifications. It is simple to manage employee records and have individual access to each employee’s records in employee management. To boost employee morale, provide timely performance reviews. You organize teams for better workflow management when you manage company structure. Maintain a secure archive of critical company data. 

CharlieHR is a newcomer to the market, founded in the United Kingdom in 2016. It focuses primarily on reducing administrative costs and using data to encourage greater employee well-being. Managers can use CharlieHR to create and send regular employee engagement surveys and gain insights from the results. The idea is that if you stay on top of how your employees are feeling, what they want, and then act on that information, you can create a more happy and engaged workforce. CharlieHR is built to assist you in achieving this goal, with both feedback exercises and a robust set of learning and development tools. The platform also covers the majority of the essential aspects of HR software. Time and attendance tracking, as well as onboarding tools, are all included. Within the app, you can conduct performance reviews and generate all of the HR reports you’ll need. However, if you run a shift-based business, CharlieHR may not suit you because it lacks scheduling capabilities. Benefits management tools have yet to be added to the platform. CharlieHR is available with email, live chat, and scheduled calls as support options. It’s crucial to stay on top of changes to employee information to run a smooth and accurate payroll process. Charlie assists by centralizing changes across the platform. With the unofficial CharlieHR desktop app for macOS, Windows, and Linux on WebCatalog, you can run CharlieHR in a distraction-free window, manage multiple CharlieHR accounts easily, and more.

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