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What is Chegg?

Chegg is an app and an online learning service that can assist students in various ways. Firstly, it rents and sells used and new textbooks. Second, it offers multiple subscription-based services to help students with math, writing, and homework. Third, it has a free app that allows you to make flashcards. It also includes a section on financial advice tailored to the needs of students, as well as a list of internships and scholarships. In part, because some services are only available on the website, while others have their mobile apps, they feel disjointed and fragmented rather than unified under Chegg. Nonetheless, a few of the services, particularly those focusing on math, are particularly useful. The paid services are expensive for the student market, and the two-device limit for paying customers seems excessive. Use Chegg when and where necessary, but be sure to read the fine print before making any decisions. Khan Academy is an Editors’ Choice winner among student learning apps. However, it doesn’t provide the same individual assistance for specific problems as Chegg does. 

We prefer Quizlet to Chegg when it comes to flashcard apps because it’s more user-friendly and has a lot of multi-language support, so you can use it to study alongside a language-learning program. Grammarly is a fantastic writing tool, especially for writers who don’t speak English as their first language. Still, it’s also a bit pricey for students, similar to Chegg. You must specify whether you are a student or an educator when creating a free Chegg account, as well as your level (high school or college) and additional information, such as which university you attend and your year of study. No one verifies this information, as far as we could tell from our testing. For example, you don’t need an email address to sign up. You can either use your old email address and password or Apple, Google, or Facebook to verify your identity. Writing, Flashcards, Books, Study, Math Solver, Internships, Scholarships, and Money are just a few of the sections on the site. Previously, Chegg also had a tutoring marketplace, but as of 2021, that will be phased out completely. Not to mention Chegg’s ethical dilemmas, it would be remiss of me not to. Is it considered a form of cheating if you pay for Chegg or other similar services to get answers to textbook questions? You can always argue that whether or not a student is cheating is determined by how they use the information they obtain. It’s cheating if they pay for answers and pass them as their work. Suppose they’re using Chegg to learn how to develop solutions, which Chegg does. From the website and the accompanying mobile apps, you can access almost everything Chegg has to offer. Chegg Math Solver, Chegg Study, Chegg eReader (for accessing digital books), and Chegg Prepare the available apps (flashcards). Unlike the web app, which requires you to type an equation into an onscreen calculator, the mobile app for Chegg Math Solver allows you to take a picture of an equation and upload it to get help solving it. Members who pay for Chegg can only have two devices registered simultaneously. This information is not made clear in Chegg’s signup pages (we verified it with a Chegg representative). A help page explains how to register and unregister devices, but it’s hard to find because it’s hidden away.

Chegg allows you to rent and buy textbooks, usually in used condition. It used to buy used books from students, but now it doesn’t. When you rent books from Chegg, you can see when your readers will be returned before you have to pay with a credit card. The books are usually purchased for a semester or about five months. The cost of return shipping is included in the price. You cannot write on the pages of books you rent, but you can highlight them. Chegg always gives you the option to buy a book you’ve rented if you want to. Any supplemental materials, such as manuals,  DVDs, lab, or access codes that might be included in a new copy are not included in used books and rentals. An array of services for students, including a buffet of databases and resources, as well as contracted experts, are all available through Chegg. Overall, it doesn’t feel cohesive, and some of the components, such as the mediocre flashcard app, are half-baked. Chegg would be better if it had a clearer vision, focusing solely on math and science and not on other subjects or rebranding the textbook rental and sales business. It comes across as unfocused and unpolished as it is. Chegg also needs to work on its marketing by providing more upfront information about device limitations and who these Chegg “experts” are and lowering the prices for students. There is also room for improvement. Chegg, for example, should consider offering a team subscription for study groups, which would allow them to share resources and pay a lower per-person fee. Chegg has many features that can be very useful, especially for students who need extra help with math and science homework. Before you sign up, make sure you read the fine print.

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