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What is CircleCI?

CircleCI is a platform that enables development teams to release code quickly while automating the build, test, and deployment processes. With resource classes, caching, docker layer caching, and other features, CircleCI can run even the most complex pipelines efficiently. Every code triggers CircleCI to run jobs after repositories on GitHub or Bitbucket are authorized and added as a project to Following the completion of the tests, CircleCI sends an email notification of success or failure. To orchestrate your build, security scans, tests, approval steps, and deployment, CircleCI runs config.yml and interacts with the code to build. CircleCI believes in the configuration as code, so everything is controlled by a single file.

CircleCI’s build servers come pre-installed with the languages and build tools you’ll need for normal development, such as Java, Gradle, and Maven. You can prepare your application code dependency environment with a custom config.yml. CircleCi gives us several options for making a complicated pipeline run smoothly. For example, in underbuild setting, Circleci offers environment variables, making it easier to add personal data to the confi.yml file. Similarly, there are several options under permission, such as SSH permission, which aids in the integration key between GitHub and CircleCi for checking out the repository code. Checkout SSH keys, which verify the user’s identity with git. API permission, AWS permission, and JIRA Integration can all be used to connect to their respective services. Each task’s CPU and RAM can be configured using resource classes. Customers have told us that limiting memory can cause test failures, slow down the creation process, or cause the browser to crash if it uses all of its RAM. You can choose a large container where you need it and a small container where you don’t. 

All jobs are orchestrated with this tool. Each workflow has a key that is the workflow name and a map value. Within the current config.yml, a character should be unique. Version and jobs are the top-level keys for Workflows configuration. Workflow enables job customization in any order, such as sequentially, parallelly, or in any other way desired. We can further filter the job schedule based on the tag or branch we want to run, allowing us to control when a job should run. We can also manually approve jobs or corn schedule them. In support of 30,000 organizations, CircleCI processes nearly one million jobs per day. Businesses prefer CircleCI because jobs run fast and can be optimized for speed. With sophisticated caching, docker layer caching, and resource classes for running on faster machines, CircleCI can run very complex pipelines efficiently. On, a software repository on a supported version control system must be authorized and added as a project. After that, automated tests are run in a clean container or virtual machine for each code change. CircleCI runs each job in its container or virtual machine. Following the completion of the tests, CircleCI sends an email notification of success or failure. Slack and IRC notifications are also integrated into CircleCI. The code test results can be found on the details page of any project for which a reporting library has been added.

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