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What is Cirrus insight?

Cirrus Insight is a customer relationship management (CRM) application that integrates Salesforce with third-party services such as Gmail and Microsoft’s Office 365. It was the first application on Salesforce’s AppExchange application marketplace to integrate Gmail with It was the top-ranked application for five months in 2012. The core functionality of Cirrus Insight is to connect Google’s popular Gmail ad-supported free email program with’s cloud-based customer relationship management CRM software.

Right in Gmail, you can see leads, contacts, activities, cases, opportunities, and more. With a single click, you can keep track of your emails. Create new tips, tasks, and events with ease. Contacts and calendars are synced—free trial for 30 days. We’ll be able to track their usage and behavior if you send ‘Tracked’ emails to prospects. As a result, if we can uniquely identify your prospects’ actions, we will assign a score to them. It is referred to as a Buyer Signal. A Buyer Signal Score is calculated by adding a prospect’s number of email opens, link clicks, and web visits over the previous 30 days. Individual break down by channels such as Email, Link, and Web will be visible on hover. Open a Compose Email window in your email client and enter your recipients. On the bottom right corner of your Cirrus Insight sidebar, you should see two options: ‘Track Email,’ and ‘Track Link.’ Please fill out the email’s body and send it. That’s it; when your prospects open your email and take action, we’ll automatically calculate a score for you. You can see the score for each candidate in any tracked email in your inbox by opening it. You should see a graph of their activity over the last 30 days when you click on the score. 

Cirrus Insight keeps an eye on reps’ inboxes and syncs their emails with the appropriate contact or lead in Salesforce. It also syncs meetings between their calendar and Salesforce, allowing managers to view discussions from Salesforce. Allow Cirrus Insight to sync everything with Salesforce and automate scheduling. Keep your pipeline healthy by capturing intelligent insights from your customer meeting data. For all users, a seamless experience across all devices is essential. Thanks to the sidebar and mobile interface, you’re never more than a click away from your following customer workflow. We’re here to help you optimize your pipeline, whether it’s logging an email, task, or call in Salesforce, managing your sync settings, or sharing your calendar. Organize your day with ease. Begin your day with a plan in place. Cirrus Insights makes it simple to create, edit, and manage your pipeline without leaving your inbox. From your inbox, you can manage your pipeline. Cirrus Insights allows you to create, manage, and track opportunities from your inbox. Grab the opportunities that come your way. With Social Lookup, you can learn more about your prospects. Allow Cirrus Insight to sync everything with Salesforce and automate scheduling. Include a link in your email to your personalized calendar that shows your availability in real-time. Cirrus Insight distributes the invitations and keeps track of everything in Salesforce (including recurring events, updates, and changes). Every activity is automatically synced with Salesforce. Everything happens in your sidebar, including meeting types and availability. Customize your booking page with your logo, a photo, a bio, and contact information—everything your potential clients will need to know.

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