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What is Clari?

Clari is a forecasting solution and a cloud-based sales execution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to forecast, manage opportunities, inspect pipelines, and more. Users can receive real-time notifications, deal updates, and messages from their team and track and update forecasts on the go, using native apps for iOS and Android. Clari is a connected revenue operations platform that provides forecasting services and end-to-end sales analytics to B2B organizations. With AI and automation to create full-funnel accountability across go-to-market teams, organizations can increase win rates, shorten sales cycles, and improve forecast accuracy. Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform collects data from your organization—from emails and meetings to marketing campaigns and CRM data—and uses artificial intelligence to create dashboards and execution insights. Clari sets up efficient operational cadences for forecasting, one-on-ones, pipeline reviews, QBRs, renewals, and expansion for your revenue team. What’s the result? Quarter after quarter, predictable revenue. Clari’s opportunity management dashboard provides users with a comprehensive view of all opportunities and information. Sales activity is automatically captured, and rep input is limited to a tap on their phone, reducing the likelihood of forgotten or neglected follow-up items. Data-driven alerts generated by rule-based bots are intended to guide salespeople toward success. Automated push notifications and previous responses are included in the message history, displayed in a timeline. Clari generates alerts when calls to past customers are overdue, and active trouble tickets are surfaced before meetings to ensure that reps are prepared.

You can manage your revenue operation with predictable certainty if you have the proper visibility. Clari allows you to standardize your revenue process across all of your lines of business, giving you complete visibility and accountability across all of your revenue teams. Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform is purpose-built to drive more predictable revenue. It takes previously untapped data—from email, CRM, call logs, and beyond—and turns it into execution insights for your entire revenue team. Clari augments human intuition with AI insights, allowing your team to forecast with unprecedented precision and foresight. Transform your buyer and seller activity into helpful information. Gather valuable activity data from reps, prospects, and customers, so you always know what’s going on with your deals, teams, and company. Boost your entire revenue team’s productivity, visibility, and alignment. Clari provides you with a detailed picture of your pipeline sufficiency in the current and future quarters. See how your deals and accounts are doing—whether they’re moving, stalled, or at risk—so you can focus on the ones that matter. Data will help you run your revenue process. To improve sales execution and inform business decisions, get access to actionable analytics and predictive insights powered by real-time data. Clari analyzes every sales meeting and emails to automatically update CRM, ensuring that your CRM data is complete and accurate. Our enterprise-level platform is entirely integrated, adaptable, and secure.

All sales reps, managers, and executives share Clari’s forecasting system, ensuring that everyone has access to the same data. Managers and executives can visualize the impact of each change on the forecast using real-time rollups. Thanks to Salesforce’s real-time data import, users can compare estimates to up-to-date actuals. Team forecasts compared to an AI-driven Clari projection. Analytics prediction generates a score of 100 to show the probability of closing each deal and identify which sales are at risk. Visual analytics provide insight into a pipeline and commit trends. Predictive analytics generate a score of a hundred to show the probability of closing each sale and identify which values are at risk. The industry’s first Time Series Data Hub, purpose-built to instrument your revenue process, is at the heart of Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform. It captures, stores, corrects and analyzes all of your CRM and business activity data automatically. They allow you to inspect every change in every deal, account, or territory, spot risk, and forecast where you’ll finish the quarter based on historical patterns. Advanced AI predicts sales, pipelines, and predictions based on real-time activity signals and historical behavioral patterns. What’s the result? Insights that are specifically tailored to the nature of your company. Clari provides enterprise-grade reliability, security, and data protection by being certified and compliant with global safety and data privacy standards. Clari can be customized to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, unlike one-size-fits-all solutions. Overlays? Splits? Channels? It’s no problem. Clari doesn’t limit your go-to-market strategy; rather, it frees it.

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