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What is Claris?

Claris FileMaker is a custom application development platform that enables businesses to build one-of-a-kind applications deployed in the on-premise or cloud and optimized for mobile or desktop devices. Scripts, triggers, and graphical design tools are among the features that help tailor applications to business needs. Built-in templates, custom design tools, and a drag-and-drop interface are all available in FileMaker to help businesses create branded and unique applications for any need. Companies can build applications from the ground up in FileMaker, or they can choose from a marketplace of pre-built templates and components tailored to specific markets and industries. Project management, invoicing, event planning, field research, supply management, and other apps are possible. Data import, summary reporting, code automation, script debugging, and other FileMaker features are available.

FileMaker is used with Claris Connect to connect finished applications to third-party services like Slack, Box, MailChimp, and others. It also has native integrations with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server and a REST API for connecting with other software. FileMaker allows you to build and scale the perfect contact management solution to improve customer relationships and increase sales productivity, from a simple app to a complete CRM. Use a built-in template or FileMaker’s drag-and-drop simplicity to get started. With easy JavaScript integration, you can add unlimited customization. To avoid data silos and disorganization and reduce manual data entry, integrate with existing platforms, and keep track of every detail. FileMaker is an app development tool that allows users to create and distribute apps. No programming skills are required to develop mobile, cloud, or on-premise apps. FileMaker includes contact management, content management, inventory management, and task management templates. The software can be installed locally or in the cloud. Users can personalize their FileMaker apps with their company’s logos, colors, and branding. It includes tools for creating summary reports, charts, graphs, dashboards, and reporting and charting tools. Users can use the solution to make two-way connections to data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and IBM DB2. It protects data stored on a server with 256-bit encryption. Support is available through an online forum and by phone.

FileMaker provides a platform for storing all of your business data by combining graphical design tools, relational data modeling, and the power of scripts, triggers, and calculations. Imagine creating a centralized app for everything instead of bouncing between half a dozen different storage locations. Unlike Excel and other spreadsheet solutions, FileMaker applications don’t just store text and simple documents. They can also work with audio files, images, videos, and various other files. Claris Connect enables you to integrate other applications into your FileMaker workflows and apps fully. Whether you’re working with on-Cloud or on-premise apps, you can now bring everything together in a seamless setup conducive to high productivity. Claris FileMaker can help you create customized documents for your team and clients in addition to storing everything in one place. It is one of the few programs that allows you to create invoices, contracts, and other documents directly from your custom application. Even more importantly, FileMaker’s interactive containers let you use and rely on these in-app documents to their full potential. You can watch videos, scroll through PDFs, sign contracts, and more without ever relying on a third-party app. Want to send a client or a business partner a customized document? FileMaker makes it simple to share documents with others without giving them full access to your application. Claris FileMaker Pro is based on a drag-and-drop template system. This simple setup, rather than limiting your app’s capabilities, allows you to maximize the power of your custom app quickly. Drag and drop calendars, responsive photo galleries, and other add-ons into your app to add them instantly. FileMaker includes several JavaScript technology add-ons, allowing you to customize your app with just a few button clicks and without the need for developers or programmers. Essentially, Claris FileMaker provides you with all of the puzzle pieces you’ll need to build a great app right away. Then you have the unique option of snapping these add-ons together to create the ideal application setup. Another distinguishing feature of Claris FileMaker? It makes sharing your apps with others, such as clients, partners, or vendors, a breeze. FileMaker Web Direct support gives users the whole FileMaker experience (along with your custom business application) in a simple browser format. No additional programming or installation is required because the innovative web technology runs custom FileMaker apps directly in a user’s preferred web browser. It means that anyone with a compatible web browser and internet access can view, edit, sort, or use records in your application online.

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