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What is Clarizen?

Clarizen is a professional services and project management software that enables businesses to collaborate more effectively and manage tasks. Keeps employees and managers informed about the status of various projects using real-time data and dashboards. Its visualization capabilities enable you to track KPIs quickly and make informed decisions. The program can also integrate with third-party software such as Box, ServiceNow, and Jira, allowing you to connect your existing business software. A mobile app is also available to enable you to interact with customers, view workflows, and change the status of the tasks from your Android or iOS device. Clarizen serves customers in 79 countries across a wide range of industries. Customers in the IT, professional services, and marketing industries, in particular, will benefit from Clarizen. Lawyers, researchers, writers, and developers are among the customers who benefit from these areas of expertise. The program’s focus on project management and professional services is particularly beneficial to task-oriented businesses that rely on timely customer and workflow information to complete daily operations.

Clarizen is a feature-rich project management tool that includes features like task creation, status tracking, status reporting, time tracking, project management, reporting, change history, and more. It integrates with CRM applications, Salesforce, Jira, and other software. It provides extensive collaboration tools to keep users and their teams on the same page. It’s adaptable enough to meet your company’s needs, and a responsive customer service team backs it up. Even though many users complained about the system’s slow speed, users say it’s a helpful program. The Slide Publisher tool allows you to create PowerPoint presentations for customers Using real-time project data quickly. A customized template adds your company’s branding to these presentations. Clarizen’s financial management feature includes tracking expenses at various levels, including employee and department levels. Payments can also be tied to specific projects to keep development budgets track. Using the Excel Import feature, you can import data from Microsoft Excel and add it to aspects like work items and cases. You can track the customer lifecycle in terms of completed work, customer conversations, and attached files using the social collaboration platform. Clarizen’s request management capabilities include this feature, which allows you to track work orders. These documents contain information such as the customer’s name, priority, and due date. You can collaborate with others on files, tasks, and projects using Clarizen InterAct. Employees can use email to update project status, report issues, and discuss project developments. Graphs and project plans with real-time project status information are also available via email. Clarizen can work with various applications, including Google Docs, Jira, Box, SharePoint, and ServiceNow. It includes many APIs to integrate Clarizen with other programs. The Clarizen mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, is relatively comprehensive and allows you to take whatever you are working on with you wherever you go. Submission of expenses, communication with colleagues, and ticket entry are just a few of the tasks you can complete using the mobile app. Because of its client response functionality, it’s also a great way to provide customer service. Your employees can use the task management tool to prioritize any tasks they’ve been given, whether they’re project-related or not. Employees have their workspaces where they can see their specific projects rather than being slowed down by a master view that shows everything that’s going on. Project managers can monitor project progress and reassign or add resources to tasks to ensure efficiency.

Clarizen provides transparent project views that include details such as when a project is due, who is working on which task, and workflow history. Project managers can better reallocate resources and measure efficiency by increasing the visibility of project workflows. Clarizen also allows you to visualize things like resource levels and financial planning. Clarizen’s collaboration tools are one of the program’s most popular features. Working on projects, sharing statistical insights, and commenting on reports in real-time are all possible with this feature. The Clarizen InterAct feature allows you to email comments and document status updates. The mobile app will enable you to stay in touch with coworkers when you’re on the go. Real-time statistics can help your business make it easier and faster to gain insights. Clarizen makes it simple to see projects that have gone over budget or are nearing completion. You can also track minute-by-minute changes in factors like burn rate and billing status. Clarizen’s comprehensive project management system, which allows employees to see the current status of products or projects, can help boost productivity. Quickly and efficiently know where a project is reduced and the amount of time your employees spend on tedious status update meetings. Your team can spend more time developing products and less time discussing where they are in the process. Clarizen customers have access to a mobile application. It’s a reasonably comprehensive app with capabilities to respond to customer inquiries and change the status of tasks in your queue. You can also easily communicate with your coworkers about project details.

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