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What is ClassDojo?

Using images, videos, and personalized messages, ClassDojo is a classroom management software that allows educational institutions to communicate with students and parents via photos, videos, and personalized messages. Teachers can use the platform to create and share digital portfolios, and parents and students can use it to record videos, write journal entries, or submit work using images by scanning a QR code. Teachers can use stories in ClassDojo to share photos, videos, links, files, or announcements at the school or class level and send private messages to parents to share information. Project activity directions, classroom music, noise meter, event sharing, feedback, and more are just a few of the features included in the software. Mentors can organize students into groups for projects or assignments using the group maker feature. Families can like or comment on stories, translate them into multiple languages, and get instant notifications when someone posts or sends a message to their family members. The random student generator in ClassDojo helps teachers choose volunteers during activities or lessons. DataDog, Google Translate, G Suite, SurveyMonkey, Twilio, Zendesk, Slack, and other third-party applications can all be integrated.

The primary goal of Class Dojo is to encourage positive student behavior and to provide a way for parents and teachers to communicate about their children’s progress in a timely and effective manner. The product’s approach is more about ‘classroom culture’ rather than ‘classroom management,’ encouraging the positive rather than discouraging the negative. Class Dojo is a tool that teachers use to promote positive behavior in their classrooms and improve communication between home and school. Class Dojo’s system and messaging system, which connects teachers and parents, are primarily used to accomplish this. Class Dojo can be used on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, as well as interactive whiteboards and projectors. Teacher resources on the Class Dojo website include ‘cheat sheets’ for learning the system’s fundamentals, parent letters, and back-to-school night presentations, as well as video tutorials for teachers, parents, and students. Class Dojo decorations can also be printed and displayed in teachers’ classrooms. Through the company’s website, teachers can create their Class Dojo profiles. The process begins with a class name and a grade level. To establish ‘class values,’ teachers are urged to do so. There are a variety of options for class values. Teachers can choose from any or all of the suggested class values provided by Class Dojo, or they can create their class values tailored to their needs and classroom. Teachers determine the weight of positive behaviors and the weight of negative behaviors using class values. For example, a student who works in a group may earn two Dojo Points, but if they are unprepared for class, they may lose two Dojo Points. Teachers can copy and paste student names or manually populate their class rosters from Microsoft Word or Excel documents after setting up the parameters for class values and Dojo Points. A unique ‘Dojo Monster’ is assigned to each student’s profile, which appears on the student’s page. 

Teachers can use the Class Story tab to post photos and messages to keep parents informed about what’s happening in the classroom. Teachers can use the Messages tab to communicate with parents in various ways, including individual and group messages. Depending on how each parent uses Class Dojo, messages are sent in the form of an email or an in-app text message. Teachers will receive a receipt if and when parents have read the statement. Teachers are also notified by Class Dojo when parents send them messages or sign up to be a part of the class. Parents can use the company’s website or the iOS or Android apps to access Class Dojo. A circle graph shows the breakdown of behaviors for a given period, similar to the teacher’s page. Parents can see their child’s behavior ‘donut,’ a circle graph that shows the breakdown of behaviors for a given period. Parents can use their parent profiles to access the Class Story, Messages, Notifications, and ‘Your Kids’ sections to move between multiple student profiles. Parents can send and receive messages to their child’s teacher from the website or app. Students are given a monster in Class Dojo, a little character linked to their profile. Students can track their progress over time and see how many Dojo Points they’ve earned (or lost) on the Class Dojo website. Students can’t see how they stack up against other students when it comes to their Dojo Points. Students can share multiple Class Dojo classrooms. Users can find various resources on the Class Dojo website, including instructional videos. The Class Dojo monsters appear in the ‘Big Ideas’ videos, which teach students about teamwork and perseverance. The company’s commitment to privacy and security is emphasized on the website of Class Dojo. The company makes it very clear what information they get from users and how they use it. Users can get help from Class Dojo on changing or deleting their personal information, and after a year of inactivity, accounts are automatically deleted. FERPA and COPPA-compliant products are available from Class Dojo. 

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