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What is Clearbit?

For your customer interactions, Clearbit is the marketing data engine. You can better understand your customers, identify prospects, and personalize every marketing and sales interaction with our solutions. You can gather information about your customers with Clearbit. You can also use it for things like lead enrichment at events or real-time data collection in chat-based workflows. Clearbit helps marketers improve conversion at every customer lifecycle stage by providing a personalized buying experience from the start to the end touchpoint. Allow your sales team to generate a qualified pipeline in seconds and uncover actionable account intelligence and intent directly in Salesforce with Clearbit. Use our APIs to integrate people and company data into your apps and create new tools for your team.

From the first touchpoint to the last, Clearbit helps marketers improve conversion at every customer lifecycle stage by providing a more personalized buying experience. With Clearbit, your sales team can quickly generate a qualified pipeline and directly uncover actionable account intelligence and intent in Salesforce. Integrate people and company data into your apps with our APIs, and create new tools for your team. Of course, suppose you’re a B2B SaaS marketer. In that case, you’re well aware of how difficult it is to create marketing communications that scale while remaining personal. How can you tell your customers what they want if you don’t know who they are? You can’t exactly take them out for a Mad Men-style drinking session, get them wasted, and then make them a special offer; neither your budget nor your liver will allow it. You’re supposed to scale one-to-many, and even a single account often has multiple decision-makers. Data can help close the gap. It provides more clues for B2B SaaS marketers and salespeople to understand their prospects and customers even if they are just one in a large, diverse market. It assists marketers in orchestrating their digital touchpoints, such as ads, emails, and landing pages, in a consistent rather than disjointed manner. And in B2B SaaS, where long sales cycles and a high level of trust and education are required to sell large contracts to businesses. Even in the tech industry, we find companies at all levels of data sophistication. Those who do not use targeted data to personalize their marketing struggle and waste money, generating low-quality sales leads and possibly alienating their customers. On the other hand, we see Clearbit’s most successful customers thinking holistically about their customers’ journeys, leveraging data throughout the funnel to deliver consistent and personalized experiences. Data enables them to advance meaningful metrics, scale-up, and create an excellent customer experience. 

We provide business intelligence from various sources, including social presence, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, and more, by combining over 250 public and private data sources and sorting through millions of data points. We collect all of our data ourselves and do not rely on traditional downstream data providers. All data is not created equal, and a large number of data points can lead to a lot of noise. We can make intelligent decisions about which data source to use for each attribute by dynamically weighing and scoring each data source in real-time. Machine learning is also used to analyze data and convert it into standardized and usable features—role, seniority, company tags, revenue projections, etc. Every record at Clearbit goes through two stages of verification. Unfortunately, not all publicly available data is correct. So we use a combination of outlier detection and a highly-trained QA team to ensure that each record is as accurate as possible.

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