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What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a collaboration tool and project management with a user-friendly interface and adaptable workspace. It’s a program that aims to increase the productivity of its users. As a result, users from marketing and engineering can easily collaborate using the same software. It has various views that can help teams get both high-level and detailed information. They can manage projects and tasks in multiple ways, including waterfall, Scrum, and any other custom method users prefer. ClickUp is a highly customizable work collaboration platform for individuals, freelancers, consultants, SMBs, and large organizations. Businesses that deal with a wide range of projects, clients, departments, or methodologies can benefit from the software’s versatility.

Users can use ClickUp’s process management features to streamline their projects and create the steps to follow. Checklist templates and Task Dependencies are included. Comments containing an action item can be resolved and marked as complete in one click. Recurring checklists are created on any schedule. It also has a view of Goals, Sprints, and an Agile Board. Multi-task Toolbar and Favorite Views are task management features that allow users to organize tasks and make quick changes as the team adjusts to new requirements. Filter and search, sorting, hierarchy, and four different views are also included. Priorities, Portfolios, and Epics are some of the other features. Using time management tools, users can schedule time, manage team capacity, organize calendars, track milestones, and sync with Google Calendar. Time tracking, Gantt charts, and Critical Path are all built-in. This project management software includes tools that help teams work together more effectively. Collaboration detection, real-time editing, mentions, and emojis are all included. Users can make changes to comments, screenshots, and markups. The PM platform also includes features such as team reporting to see how the team is doing, progress percentage to see how much work is left on a project or list, and a variety of other tools. Users can leave comments, format notes and tasks in Markdown, paste images, embed links, and grant access to guests while maintaining security and control through permissions, privacy, and sharing settings. ClickUp integrates with Slack, GitHub, Toggl, Harvest, Google Drive, Dropbox, Outlook, Chrome, and Zapier. It is possible to customize the workspace completely. Custom fields, statuses, notifications, and color themes can all be customized. Users can assign multiple assignees, save filters, apply tags, and even switch to dark mode. Slash (/) commands, QuickSwitch, a personal Notepad, automatic import from other PM apps, save websites, preview files in-app, offline mode, goal alignment, API, and others are among the proprietary features. It also works on the web, mobile, desktop, Chrome extension, Gmail, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, among other platforms and devices.

ClickUp comes in four different versions. The Free plan includes 100MB of storage and unlimited users, projects, and spaces. The Unlimited plan costs $5 per user per month if paid annually (or $9 per user if spent on a month-to-month basis). Unlimited storage, integrations, and features, as well as advanced reporting and permissions, are all included. The Business plan costs $9 per user per month and is billed annually. In contrast, the Enterprise plan costs $17 per user per month and is billed annually. ClickUp gives users more control over their experience by customizing their settings. It means that, depending on the task at hand, users can choose to be as straightforward or as complex as they want. It also includes the majority of the PM features they require in an application and integration options with other tools.

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