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What is Close?

Close is a sales engagement software for small and medium-sized businesses that aims to help them convert more leads into revenue. Close is a multichannel marketing tool that allows users to email, call, and text prospects. Automatically tracking information in a visual timeline will enable users to skip the CRM busywork. Close has powerful sales automation tools that can assist with almost any lead generation or sales process. Close CRM is fantastic if you want to contact, nurture, and close leads without dealing with any technical issues. Close organizes your entire team and centralizes much of your lead generation and sales pipeline. One of Close’s powerful features is the ability to place and manage your sales calls using VOIP easily. All of your customer and lead information is easily accessible and comprehendible. The Close power dialer process sale is automatic by streamlining lead calling and working with the prospects so you can contact them in an organized manner. Your sales team will appreciate the freedom and power that Close provides, thanks to its global coverage and power dialing features.

It is easy to keep track of your sales processes with automated calling and logging. You can use call recording to see what works and what doesn’t. You can leave custom voicemails by pressing a button on Easy Voicemail. Nearly 200 countries are accessible via global calling. Call transfer allows you to focus on each call. You can be confident that your team will sound professional because of the excellent audio quality. Individual performance is measured and visualized. Team performance should be measured and visualized as a whole. View results over time to see how you’ve improved and progressed. You can quickly analyze specific datasets for your entire sales team with actionable reports.

Send SMS to phones in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia from a single dashboard. View instant insights into your entire team’s SMS history. The rates are meager, starting at $.01 per SMS message. You can send SMS in bulk and integrate with other SMS apps using API options. Close’s ability to easily place and manage sales calls over VOIP is one of its most powerful features. All of your customer and lead information is easily accessible and comprehendible. Do you have a list of leads you’d like to sell or nurture? Close makes sending sales emails from your database simple without requiring any technical knowledge or marketing magic. You can define who you want to receive your message and automate your entire campaign with a few clicks of the button. Without having to switch between your traditional CRM and an email autoresponder app, you can easily automate email marketing campaigns. Close makes drip marketing and nurturing emails to your leads a breeze. You can create the perfect email marketing campaign and then send it out on a large scale. 

You know the numbers you want to achieve with marketing and sales objectives. Close receives high marks for reporting because of this. It makes tracking your key performance indicators simple, so you can figure out what works and focus on it. You can see everything your sales team needs to stay on track and meet their goals from a single dashboard. You can track your sales team’s performance using a variety of metrics, so you’ll always know how they’re doing. You can also create and deploy entire sales dashboards to help motivate your team and foster friendly competition. The Close dashboard is simple to set up and use, and it looks fantastic. The dashboards for reporting are simple to customize. You have complete control over performance data, and you can display and distribute it to your team in various ways. SMS messaging is an excellent way to remind people about upcoming meetings, phone calls, demos, and other marketing messages. Close makes sending custom SMS messages to your leads or customers a breeze. You can easily browse your information and send SMS messages to any prospects using the Close dashboard. When it comes to API integrations, it’s worth noting that the Close API integrations aren’t just for SMS. Close CRM is compatible with a variety of marketing and business applications. Close can be easily integrated into any of your existing sales, marketing, or CRM processes. You can relax if you’re annoyed that your favorite app isn’t compatible. Close integrates with Zapier, making it simple to connect to many apps.

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