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What is Cloudinary?

Cloudinary is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for managing all media assets for your web or mobile application. Cloudinary offers a complete image and video management solution, including upload, storage, administration, transformation, and optimized delivery. Cloudinary’s servers handle media upload, processing, and delivery, and they automatically scale to handle high traffic and bursts. With a fully-featured Digital Asset Management (DAM) user interface designed for creative teams and programmers and a comprehensive API that enables developers to transform programmatically. It delivers both in-house and user-generated media content in your website or mobile app with only a few lines of code. This end-to-end solution gives every stage of the media management process.

Without installing any other software, you can easily upload images and videos to the cloud and automate brilliant manipulations of those media with Cloudinary. Cloudinary then seamlessly delivers your media via a fast content delivery network (CDN) optimized according to industry best practices. Cloudinary also provides extensive APIs and administration tools that you can easily integrate into your web and mobile apps. Upload, Storage, Administration, Transformation, and Delivery are the five stages of the asset delivery lifecycle. You can administer the asset via secured APIs and embed dynamic asset URLs to deliver various versions of the original investment. Instructions on transforming the purchase before delivery are included in the active URLs. Cloudinary’s architecture was designed from the ground up to handle high loads and virtually infinite assets and usage. Cloudinary’s service consists of several powerful cloud-based upload and transformation servers designed to handle a high volume of uploads, downloads, and complex image transformations. Cloudinary’s servers also scale automatically to handle large traffic spikes thanks to advanced load balancers that distribute the load across our servers. Finally, through thousands of global delivery servers, an enterprise-grade content delivery network delivers assets quickly and efficiently. Cloudinary’s safe and secure cloud-based solution is accessed through secure and authenticated HTTPS APIs with flexible access key provisioning.

Cloudinary securely stores and manages all uploaded and generated assets on high-performance servers that support fast upload and download rates. Assets are saved in S3 buckets that are securely accessed for writing. Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) is the default for asset management. Shared buckets, dedicated buckets, and private buckets are all options. Your Cloudinary URLs are based on your cloud name, and you can use dynamic URLs to access your public web assets. The complete URLs of the images or videos you send contain the asset’s name, version, and transformation settings. Your delivery URLs all share the duplicate base URLs. In the Management Console’s Account Details section, you can see your base URLs and some sample URLs. Your Cloudinary account is managed using Cloudinary’s web-based management console. With the robust functionality provided by our vision and image processing partners, you can further enhance your images and videos. Cloudinary’s image and video management pipeline is fully integrated with the add-ons, making them simple to use. Cloudinary transformations are similar to database rules or Express middleware. They can interfere with uploads, causing content to be transformed before being sent to the cloud.

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