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What is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is an iOS and Android social audio app that allows users to communicate in audio chat rooms with thousands of people. The Clubhouse is directly competing with other social audio apps such as Telegram Voice Chats, Discord Stage Channels, Reddit Talk, Slack Huddles, Spotify Greenroom, Facebook Live Audio Rooms, and Twitter Spaces. It’s a social media app that’s based on audio. A type of social product based on voice allows people everywhere to tell stories, deepen friendships, develop ideas, and know interesting people around the world.”

Clubhouse’s main feature is real-time virtual “rooms” where users can communicate with one another through audio. Rooms are divided into categories based on their level of privacy. Anyone on Clubhouse can join “open rooms,” which is the default setting for all rooms when they are created. Only users who the moderators have approved can join “social rooms.” To enter “closed rooms,” users must first receive an invitation from the moderators, which are divided into three sections: the “stage,” “followed by the speakers,” and “others in the room.” Each user’s profile picture and name are displayed in the appropriate section for each user present in the room. When users create a space, they are given the role of “moderator,” which allows them to summon users to the stage, mute users, and remove speakers. A green star appears next to the user’s name to indicate a moderator. When a user first enters a room, they are assigned the role of “listener” and cannot unmute themselves. By clicking on the “raise hand” icon, listeners can notify the moderators of their intention to join the stage and speak. Users invited to the scene are given the ability to unmute themselves and become “speakers.”  The peace sign emoji or the “leave quietly” button is used to exit a room. Although many conversations in Clubhouse happen on the spur of the moment, users can schedule them by creating events. When creating an event, users can give it a name and then choose a date and time for the conversation to begin. Clubs are user communities at the Clubhouse that meet regularly to discuss a common interest. The Clubhouse has many clubs that cover various topics, and users can search for clubs by name using the search tab. An admin can add/delete users, modify club settings, create/schedule any room and change user privileges. Members can invite more users into the club and make private rooms. Leaders have all of the benefits of a member, plus the ability to create/schedule club-branded open spaces. 

Backchannel is a text-based messaging feature that allows users to communicate individually or in groups. The Backchannel feature was first leaked on June 18, 2021, in response to the launch of Spotify Greenroom. It is significant because Clubhouse was previously voice-only, with no hyperlink or message. Text messaging was entirely reliant on Instagram and Twitter. Clubhouse’s homepage provides access to live chat rooms recommended based on the people and clubs that the user follows. Users can access the explore page by tapping the magnifying glass icon. Users can search for clubs and people to follow on the explore page and find conversations organized by topic. Wave allows users to notify others that they are available for a private chat. This feature could be one way for the company to provide more personal interactions on the App by reducing the number of scheduled interactions. Creators can record entire conversations or 30-second clips using a recording. You can also share your recording outside of the platform, which the company hopes will encourage more people to join. The icon is a grayscale profile photo of a social change leader and platform users that changes regularly. Clubhouse harvests user photos instead of hiring a designer to create an icon, which is unusual in app development. The Clubhouse app is available on both Android and iOS. The App is available for download from the respective app stores. To use the App, the Android user must-have Android 7 or higher. To use the App on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need iOS 13 or later. Clubhouse is a project management software built for Agile software developers to plan, build, and launch better projects. It can keep software teams productive by combining just the right amount of simplicity and structure. Clubhouse features a set of well-known integrations and a reliable API to automate workflows.

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