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What is Clustdoc?

Clustdoc is a secure client onboarding software used by various teams to automate, standardize, and simplify the onboarding of vendors, new customers, and employees. It enables you to handle all aspects of your onboarding process, including document and form collection, team communication and collaboration, and client engagement, from a single platform. You can create your automated client onboarding workflows using the software’s ready-to-use templates. Create forms and checklists with Clustdoc to efficiently collect and manage stakeholders’ requests, information, and documents. Clients can send and receive information and documents and communicate with your team using a customizable and flexible portal.

Clustdoc enables you and your team members to collaborate onboarding customers seamlessly and straightforwardly. You can create to-do lists, collaborate on a document and file reviews and approvals with team members or third parties, and use a mobile app to handle client requests and submissions on the go. Clustdoc changes the way you greet customers at your company. It enables you to implement onboarding processes that improve new customer experiences, boost team efficiency and productivity, and reduce manual labor costs. Clustdoc allows you to create client onboarding workflows tailored to your company’s specific requirements. During onboarding, you can define all the steps, documents, and information that new clients must complete and submit. They can use a secure and customizable portal to submit information, fill out forms, and electronically sign documents from any device. You can also connect your applications to the Clustdoc onboarding workflows you created. It allows you to send submitted data, documents, and content to your tools automatically and send event-triggered messages to potential clients. Professionals can use the Clustdoc platform to share, approve, and collaborate on documents with clients and partners in a secure cloud environment. Clustdoc allows businesses to handle their paperwork online in one place, eliminating the need for multiple applications, fax machines, scanners, printers, and paper. It also includes tools for electronic signature capture and automatic document synchronization. They can share contracts, proposals, invoices, and other documents with clients and request records from them. When a professional needs to onboard a supplier or client, they use a secure and well-organized client portal.

The client onboarding software makes it easier for users to collaborate on all of the tasks associated with customer onboarding. All of your team member’s information, including client submissions, to-do lists, and updates, is kept in one place. Without exchanging emails or making phone calls, you and your team can immediately review, validate, and approve information, documents, or files submitted by clients. Clustdoc also has an admin dashboard that allows you to keep track of your team’s workload and performance. You can keep track of the status of requests, applications, and submissions from clients, as well as the progress of internal procedures and tasks. In addition, whenever clients need to submit information, resend documents or files, or complete required courses, follow-up emails and texts are automatically sent to them. Collaboration features such as notes, version control, integrated messaging within the app, permissions management, and more are available within the Clustdoc platform. Clustdoc integrates with third-party storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive to synchronize documents across platforms. The API allows users to connect with other tools like Zapier, Slack, CRM systems, and more.

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